Ashwin Iddya, Founder, Blue Flame International, Bangalore

Click to market His 50 page e-book, 'Mastering Google Adwords' helped many online marketers to connect pay-per-click advertising with affiliate marketing. Your Storyspoke to Ashwin Iddya about his internet marketing company Blue Flame International and the entrepreneurial journey so far.

Why an entrepreneur? Why didn't you pursue a regular job?

I became an entrepreneur by accident and not by choice. A job loss because of company bankruptcy pushed me towards entrepreneurship. But now, I have tasted blood (freedom) through entrepreneurship and I wouldn't work for somebody else even if I had a gun on my head!

Something on starting years

It was tough (and I know that sounds cliched). I knew that had I failed, I would have had to get a normal 9 to 5 job or get a MBA, which most people with 2 years work experience do. What I wanted to make sure was that we had financial discipline, at least in the first few crucial months. All these 5 years, we have been profitable from the first month of operation.

Turning point in your business

I roped in two of my old college friends into the company. Managing the company was a lot easier and I could pursue my other interests/hobbies in life without being branded a workaholic.

Did at any point you felt like giving up and getting back to taking a regular job?

Since I tasted blood during my first hunt, getting back to a taking a regular job never crossed my mind.

What drives you?

Fear of getting back to a regular 9 to 5 job.

On business - the differentiators of your business

More than the business, I think it is the people who work for our company who make a big difference. We are like one small family.

Growth drivers / vision for your enterprise

We currently own and operate around 5 websites across verticals like financials and education. We help universities in USA and UK market their various degree courses on the internet. We would like to continue working in the same vertical, remain a "small company" and continue increasing our revenues year on year.