Chandrakant Sadadekar, Founder & Chairman, Sadadekar Group, Mumbai


Indenting trust across the sea

If you want to export textile raw materials to Brazil then you need to get in touch with indenting agents in Korea. Indenting business is complex as Chandrakant Sadadekar will tell you about norms and unofficial rules practiced by agents around the world. His company Sadadekar Group handles the export and import of big tickets such as Reliance from India and Indorama from Indonesia. He explains to YourStory, why they are an important cog in the wheel between a buyer and supplier.

My Story

A regular job, wouldn’t have justified my multi-talented personality. Besides, it was not giving me enough money to buy my own house and improve the standard of living. In 1992, I started my own business of indenting the export and import of textile raw materials. Resources were limited, there was no office, and we faced lot of competition from established players. On personal front, I had to take responsibility of a large family and apportion my time between family and work.


In our line of business, communication between the buyer and seller is very important as the message passes through lot of intermediaries. Then logistics has to match the communication. It took some time for me to learn the import-export law of different countries, anti-dumping laws, import and custom duties etc. Finally, the support I got from Japanese and Korean companies gave a boost to my indenting business. This business in Korea and Japan is more than 100 years old and well-established. Their support helped me reach out to different countries and I learned a lot about the business from them.

Now we are talking to Brazil for the export of Reliance textile materials. My forte lies in maintaining clarity in communication with buyers and sellers supported by well executed ground logistics and human relations. India has an important role to play in global textile and clothing business especially after developed countries are moving out of textile business. We would like to increase both our import and export activities by reaching out to more markets and handling more products. We need qualified professionals in market research to know more about new additional markets and products.


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