Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?


The 10 tell-tale signs of an entrepreneurial mindset: 

1.Your Drive: This is the first and foremost quality that sets you apart from the pretenders. The desire and dedication to turn your dreams into a reality will battle hard to keep your ship afloat in troubled waters.

2.The Opportunist: An entrepreneurial mindset is automatically geared towards unearthing hidden prospects or even engineering out of the box ideas. There is no definition of the word failure as every setback is a milestone on the learning curve.

3.An Eye for Detail and Improvement: How often have you walked into a store and thought there was definite room for improvement? Of course, you haven't been formally trained in the field of retail business but that doesn't stop your roving eye's ability to pick out all the operational shortcomings.

4.Work? What Work?: Your mantra is Life=Work=Fun. There are no clear cut boundaries between these three concepts for the entrepreneur. Progress and innovation are the greatest and most fulfilling rewards for such an individual. The goal always remains to exceed all previous levels of expectation and therein stands the tree bearing the sweet fruits of success.

5.Foresight and Pragmatism: The dream never dies but the path to glory might take a few detours given the circumstances. Every single day takes you one step closer towards that ultimate target. Every hurdle placed in your path can be overcome with the right tools and the right attitude.

6.Faster, Stronger, Higher: They say you were a step ahead of the competition yesterday and today but you tell you're working on tomorrow. Sometimes you wonder why you are surrounded by utter incompetence and conservatism that you're tearing out your hair in disgust. If this is you then congratulations – your ego is alive and kicking! Without an appetite for risk there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Your ego will ensure you do not stagnate.

7.Never Say Die Attitude: The desire to succeed and the drive for betterment will not tolerate the dictatorship of the ego. There will be times when you don't have all the answers so don't be afraid to admit it. However, that does not stop you from working your way around the problem, tackling it head-on and slaying the monster. As they say – It's all in a day's work!

8.A Man with a Plan: The future is not tomorrow but the day you hand up your boots and call it a day – your retirement day. You have a set of ideas and you will implement them given the circumstances and possibilities. There is a definite tactical and analytical approach to your stratagems that keep you ahead of the chasing pack.

9 The Knack of Creating: You were the kid who built the snowman while your friends hurled snowballs at each other. You have a constructive bent of mind which doesn't operate on the basis of accolades from your peers but from the fruition of your invention. There is no greater joy in life according to you!

10.The Driver's Seat: You are tired of watching your superiors making the same mistakes time after time. It's time to take control, grab the reins and plunder forth! You are ready to put your plans to the test.


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