ibibo ties up with Yash Raj Films to launch 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' Application


Show the extraordinary in you. Get a chance to meet Surinder Sahni aka SRK

New Delhi, 5th December 2008| If

you are a SRK fan, then you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to

meet King Khan in person. All you have to do is to shoot a video

showcasing your extraordinary talent, and upload it on ibibo.com Ibibo.com has partnered with Yash Raj Films to launch 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' application on the social networking web site.

The movie is releasing on 12th December and it is about the extraordinary story of an ordinary person. Shahrukh

Khan plays the protagonist - Surinder Sahni who lives a very ordinary

life which is suddenly transformed into the extraordinary.

Said Ashish Kashyap, CEO, ibibo.com, "The Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi application on ibibo.com



our ability to add value to a high quality entertainment platform by

integrating it with our core proposition- talent incubation. The film's

thematic and Ibibio's positioning stance complement each other and are

a great fitment ."Â




Khan, who plays the role of protagonist Surinder Sahni in the Rab Ne

Bana Di Jodi, invites Ibibo.com users (in an exclusive promo uploaded

on Ibibo.com only) to come and share their extraordinary talent- be

it acting, dancing, singing, mimicry et al. This promotion highlights

and reiterates Ibibo.com's positioning as India's first entertainment

and talent based social networking site.



is a Surinder Sahni in all of us. There is something extraordinary in

each of us. Ibibo.com has built a unique application

around "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" that

pulls in the best of Ibibo.com - videos, photos, social networking and

promotion via ibibo's hugely viral friends' feeds. Ibibo.com has taken

the theme of this film (there is something extraordinary about every

ordinary individual) and blended it within its talent framework. The

integration of the movie's core theme with Ibibo.com's value

proposition has been achieved through creative innovation. The

competition is open till 10th January 2009. You can visit http://www.rnbdj.Ibibo.com


 to upload the video.








is India's first entertainment and talent based social network service.

ibibo has created various platforms for users to express and share

their talent and meet their need of achieving "recognition" and



 was launched in January 2007 and has a growing young Indian user base. Â




Ibibo the user is empowered to express themselves using various social

media tools. Further, the users create their social graph comprising

new found connections, which also becomes an audience for their talent

and expression. It is this audience which votes, comments and interacts

with the users expressions thereby fulfilling the need for

"RECOGNITION" and hence popularity and eventual fame. The ecosystems

works in a manner where in the user in turn becomes an audience for

some one else's talent. Â



Ibibo the user is a self marketer for his/her expression and talent.

Users are given various viral tools that help the user attract an

audience. E-Badges embeddable across social network, free SMS service,

easy invite and share apps are all such tools that help the user create

a critical mass around their talent. Besides this, the heart of the

product is a FEED ENGINE that communicates various activities of

friends and gets viraled to friends of friends.