Kaustubh Verma, Founder, CampusFever


If you're reading this, you've experienced the exam fever at some point or the other. A young 25 year old like us, thought about a great way to support all those suffering from the dreaded "application process" either to get into a campus or a job. And he started www.CampusFever.com to take some of the weight off our tense shoulders!

Meet Kaustubh Verma, the budding entrepreneur behind this venture. After completing his BE (Information Technology) from Jabalpur Engineering College, Kaustubh worked with Satyam Computers for a year. But the desire to walk the extra mile and fulfil his dream of becoming an entrepreneur finally took over. Such has been the influence of Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) and Shekhar Suman (TV Personality and Actor) who Kaustubh counts amongst his role models.

CampusFever.com is predictably about education and students. The main aim of the website is to facilitate learning by providing both online and offline support to those looking to get into any campus as well as those already in one. And while initially the focus is on campuses in India, eventually, the fever should get to all, across the globe. So if it is the MBA season for example, the aim is to help the multitudes in the throes of the Pre-CAT Syndrome take it easy by offering online mock tests, admission forms at a discount and so on.

And it isn't just the students who stand to benefit. Any learning centre, college or company looking for e-learning and online examination solutions can also get branded/ co-branded packages. The start up helps put application forms online and accepts payments through a secure online payment gateway from students/ applicants. CampusFever got rolling just this October. But the excitement it has generated among students is feverish already.Fortunately, CampusFever has been nominated as one of the hottest start ups by TATA NEN within a day of its launch.

CampusFever started off with two employees and a host of collaborators, with operations from four cities -- Hyderabad (head office), Mumbai (technology), Pune, and Jabalpur. A pragmatic Kaustubh, understands the challenges a new business entails and is realistic about all its aspects be it marketing, team building or funds. Despite these hurdles, he has the faith to achieve his dreams and not return to the comfort of a 9 to 5 job. He says, "Ups and downs are a part of life." Ask him what has him going and pert comes the answer - "Currently my Activa (Honda), but it could soon be a CRV... But seriously, it's the fun in implementing new ideas."


In the coming months, CampusFever aims to enter into strategic partnerships with colleges across India. According to Kaustubh, they have some stuff lined up which he does not want to necessarily disclose at this point, but he adds, this wouldn't even be remotely related to CAT.YourStory was truly infected by Kaustubh's confidence when he said he's not afraid of competition. "There's no one in India like CampusFever that does or intends to do what we are doing. Besides, with both education and the online space booming, there is enough headroom for growth." For now, he has what it takes to keep growing - students.


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