Rahul Singhal, Founder, RahuKetu Technologies Pvt Ltd

Thousands of entrepreneurs tug for years before their venture finally settles on a hunky-dory note and Rahul Singhal, a graduate in computer science and engineering, was no exception. Notwithstanding the daunting situation that he faced during the crucial years of his career, Singhal plowed ahead to make RahuKetu Technologies Pvt Ltd a success. The Raipur-based company, established in 2006 as a customer-centric software organization for serving clients worldwide, aims at delivering world-class products and services matching customer preferences. Today, RakuKetu takes an experience and result-driven approach to provide market leading solutions and excellent services to its patrons. As one the pioneers in software services, RahuKetu has leveraged the application of information technology (IT) in diverse spheres. Even as many software companies were criticised for their low-end and low-quality performance, RahuKetu was applauded by the Software Technology Park of India (STPI) for its unique strategies.

The company caters end-to-end business solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Their approach focuses on new and innovative ways of combining IT innovation and adoption while it also stresses on increasing an organisations existing IT assets. The company has worked with some of the largest global corporations and new generation technology companies for developing new products and implementing prudent business and technology strategies in today’s dynamic digital environment.

The business world was not new to Singhal since he came from a business background. “My father is a mechanical engineer and runs a construction industry and as a child I nurtured my ambition to become an entrepreneur myself. I fancied computer and all the other tech-gadgets and decided to take up computer engineering. Fortunately, my parents were very supportive and guided me all throughout. I was still in standard XII when I learnt web designing on my own and made a personal website which I later submitted for International Golden Web Award. Surprisingly, I won the award and received quite a lot of popularity. The fame was inebriating and I became more resolute in my decision to continue with software development,” said Singhal while talking about how he came to become an entrepreneur.

The maven soon launched an education portal that provided detail information about engineering and his sponsors included local bookstore owners, tiffin valas and consumer goods stores. Singhal soon realised that for pursuing his venture successfully, he would have to acquire greater technical knowledge. He continued operating the website and generated enough revenue to see him through the tough times.

Money was a major constraint for running the business but Singhal refused to give up. He was equally unwilling to take up jobs and faced dire financial crunch for around 9 months. He did not have the funds to start a company; besides, lack of proper marketing channel was also one of biggest challenge he faced in the initial years.

When asked what was the turning point in his career, Singhal said, “It was when I came across an advertisement in the newspaper about Intel dot station, which provided computers imported from Korea at a fairly cheap rate. An idea suddenly clicked my mind and I decided to buy some of the computers and bring them to Chhattisgarh. I organized an exhibition, which saw some 185 computers getting booked in a single day.”

“By selling computers, I generated adequate amount to take up the distributorship of Intel dot stations in Chhattisgarh and started a retail counter — a computer hardware store. All of this was only my effort to secure enough revenue for starting my company,” he added.

The struggle seemed never ending but Singhal did not for once think of giving up his venture for a regular job. His dreams and ambition to make it big in the software industry was his major drive and he did not mind multitasking for achieving his goals. Singhal also takes pride in his employees who endured hardship and worked as a team to help the company grow.

Elaborating on the mode of operation of his business, Singhal explained, “RahuKetu Technologies Private Limited, is a software development firm engaged in developing software, website, web applications, mobile applications & marketing. The company deals primarily with industrial segments; we develop small ERP packages to cater industries, hotels, schools, retail sector, automobiles and even hospitals. We act as IT consultants for our clients providing them with all the software and website requirements. We also help them their brands to penetrate the market by guiding them about the various marketing schemes. Our main aim is to provide the best available technology in the least possible time. We never compromise on quality, support and deadlines, and this is what has helped us cater clients in around 50 cities in India and abroad.”

The company’s ability to deliver a portal within 3 days and ERP installations in 7 days is its unique selling proposition and this has helped it draw many national and international clients

RahuKetu had more than 500 different ERP’s installed in the first year of its operation. Presently the company also provides content management systems with around 200 installations and has plans of coming up with more portals like matrimony and yellow pages in the next few months. Singhal also has plans of setting up sales office in various 2-tiers and 3-tier cities where the opportunity to capitalise on the market is huge. Moreover, he is also mulling over launching local magazines for 3-tier cities.

Considering the kind of growth Singhal brought about for his company, the new generation of entrepreneurs is likely to follow his footsteps. And the one thing he can suggest to the budding entrepreneurs is —‘Dream Big’


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