Bharti M Verma, Founder, Shilpagyaa Art and Craft Gallery, Anayas Art Gallery and Anannd Utsav Meditation Centre

Tuesday March 24, 2009,

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Collecting rare pieces of art and crafts was just a hobby until Bharti M Verma realized it could be a profitable business venture as well. She established Shilpagyaa, an art and craft gallery, in 2003, which was followed by another one, Anannd Utsav Meditation Centre in 2007 and Anayas Art Gallery in 2008. Over the years her enterprise has gain widespread popularity and is now recognized for providing the best of the ethnic and contemporary Indian handicrafts to art lovers.

Shilpagyaa aims at providing best to its customers in terms of services, new crafts and also promoting the artists by organising exhibitions.

It aims to bring together a multitude of tribal and ethnic art works from across the Indian subcontinent and provide customers with the opportunity to buy these rare crafts. On the other hand, the Anayas Art Gallery, adjoining Shipagyaa, provides a forum to the senior artists, where they can exhibit their paintings, sculpture, photography and other art works. It also attracts budding artists, giving them an equal opportunity to showcase their work alongside the consummate artists.

However, it was Verma’s Anannd Utsav Meditation Centre, which took her a step towards her goals. The centre is designed specifically in a way so that people, living a fast paced life, can de-stress, detoxify and feel rejuvenated. The meditation session ensures a positive energy flow and helps the person explore his potential to the hilt.

“For a very long time, handicrafts were regarded as luxury items which could be afforded only by the affluent class of the society. It was this myth that kept artisans aloof from the fame and money they rightfully deserved. But now people’s outlook has changed. Shilpagyaa focuses not only on all class of people but also on uplifting the artisan,” said Verma while talking about her business.

When asked why she wanted to become an entrepreneur, Verma said, “I did not plan to become an entrepreneur, it just came my way. Besides the idea of working with artisans and giving them a right platform was self-satisfying.

Innumerable challenges came her way, but Verma faced them all to fulfil dreams that did not belong to just her anymore. Her endeavours gave thousands of artisans the encouragement to carry on with their vocation and even before they realised, Shilpagyaa’s success became theirs. “Striking a balance between artisans, handling the art galleries and the meditation centre and my family was a difficult task but a right kind of planning overcame all of this,” she asserted.

While still an amateur entrepreneur, Verma held her first exhibition in the UK. But it was without any prior planning and survey and she soon realised it was a wrong move. She still regards it as her biggest mistake. 


 “I started this venture on my own and without any substantial capital in hand. Had it not been for the support and faith of the artisans, I would not have come this long,” Verma added.

Although Shilpagyaa does not have other branch, it has an extension in the name of Anayas art gallery for exhibiting art work and the meditation centre, which focuses on balancing body, mind and spirit. Today, Verma is proud that she successfully established these three bodies and considers it as her biggest achievement.

“Our work has been appreciated by many corporate customers. In fact, a number of times the media has published about the gallery and its work and TV channels have also telecasted our interviews,” said Verma talking about the recognition her venture has received over the years.

So much in love is she with her work that Verma never though of quitting it for a regular job. “Trust yourself and explore all dimensions. Do not limit your potential. Do what you love and love what you do,” suggests Verma to the budding entrepreneur.

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