Deepak Bansal, Founder, Clearpath Technology

Most of us flounder and float on the surface of life whereas there are others who determine their own paths, Deepak Bansal is one such self made entrepreneur who knew what path his life would take, and he walked it as soon as he was capable. He started SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when he was 18 and in 2005 he started Clearpath Technology, he hired his first employee in Feb 2005 and since April 2008, has grown to 225 employees and 2000 clients...

Deepak gave us the download on his company and the scope of its operations he says “Clearpath Technology is a search engine optimization and internet marketing company based in New Delhi, India with more than 2000 clients and 225 employees. We own the space where our office, Clearpath Technology is a debt free, profitable and growing company, one of the biggest organic SEO companies in the world. We provide services to small to medium scale businesses worldwide who want to generate business from the internet.”

He explained his business model for “Clearpath Technology”, saying “Our model is to get volume clients and provide good services at lower prices. We have been successful in doing that and getting more clients.”

Deepak plans to scale up by building more partnerships with web design, seo and advertising companies worldwide and acting as their backend outsource partner. He says

”I started doing business when I was 18. Since then there has been no looking back. It is fun and also a challenge to be an entrepreneur with a growing business, while employing people and delivering good services to clients.”

His biggest challenge has been to get the right people for the right job and they have been able to overcome that by the right kind of training and one to one interactions with each and every employee...

Deepak confesses his initial mistake which was as he says “Not working in any company as I started my company just after completion of my engineering and I never worked anywhere.”

He began with just one computer which was a gift from his father to register 200% growth year after year and with one branch where all 225 employees work under the same roof.

Deepak also told Yourstory what he considers to be his biggest achievement. He says “Retaining clients has been the biggest achievement. Hardly any client leaves us and it makes us stronger and more profitable every year. Secondly, we make clients businesses grow too by getting them huge traffic to their sites. I have also been interviewed on National TV as young achiever when I was 23.”

His motivation to excel as an entrepreneur stems from the fact- “frank and open communication with employees and clients, when they help you in solving problems, its all fun to be on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.”

By 2010 he aims to grow 200% every year and help everyone else related to him to grow as well (employees, clients and company). With the paths he has charted for himself being so clear to him, Yourstory is sure that this man with a vision will win the day…

Deepak also considers his employees and clients as his awards, and cherishes it too….

On a parting note he says “Budding entrepreneurs should have vision and they should be focused in what they do.” Yourstory hopes that his wisdom helps those who need it and that he achieves all his aims.


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