Joydip Chakladar, Founder, ALLINDIALIVE.ORG

They say that "if you fail to plan you plan to fail ", and Joydip believes in this whole heartedly, plans should not only be created but they can also be improved upon, his venture proclaims this belief. Joydip Chakladar established ALLINDIALIVE.ORG  in 2007 based on the concept that the right idea can be a transformative tool. For those wondering what is all about, he answers "It is a Boutique Management consulting firm on Personal To Global Transformation ( Change Management and Transformation through Business Planning ) "

The young entrepreneur told Yourstory more about his business "my business is on creating thought leadership . We generate ideas in form of business plans, and deliver them to our client, which brings personal and organizational changes . We have tie-ups with a financial institutions (Canaan & Kotak ) who sometimes infuse funds in the form of equity or debt, into these plans, if they thinks it fits their bill. We also have a partnership with Times Private Treaties, which helps in brand building for the organizations for whom we develop business plans. Our business model, provides advice on Change Management, through better planning and ‘personal transformation to global transformation’, where we create customized information and knowledge products for our clients who belongs to category of startups to SME’s and corporates and at the same time Multilateral Government Institutions. We plan to scale up by creating more knowledge products, and delivering it through different knowledge distribution formats and knowledge partners around the world. "

 Joydip explains why he chose to join the ranks of the Young Indian Entrepreneurs he says "To express the creator/innovator in me. If I was in a job the opportunity of expressing my creative talent would be less. "?Sometimes the barriers within are greater than those without, a liability is not always a shortcoming in the skill or talent factor, he explains "The most vital challenge, I faced in the early years, is the perception challenge, as I come from a Bengali middle class family." However events like getting his first consulting contract with One2One research, a US market research firm convinced him that he was born to this vocation. The turning point in his career quickly dispelled all thoughts of inadequacy, he says "I feel , I was made to become an entrepreneur, because the need for freedom, and expression of creativity, is very high in me."

Driven by the aspiration to express his thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on multiple platforms and expressing it through the most creative means, he is inspired by - "Mother ( Mira Alfassa)- painter from France, who later become the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo."

The growth of his venture is tied into research, the quality of their insights and documentation is the lynchpin for furtherance. He has a vision he believes in- "To emerge as a thought leader, in the knowledge landscape of the world, by providing insights, where an Individual can connect and understand Governance issues, starting from self-governance to corporate governance and global governance through better planning."


Publishing our works and thoughts is a very important requirement for our business. We have to continuously move on building knowledge products and new lines of management thoughts and publish them. That’s why we are presently working on a book on “Global Financial Crisis” which is scheduled to release in this financial quarter, as our latest knowledge product. The book gives a fresh new perspective on the spiritual reason of the crisis. We also run a blog and publish reports on different contemporary policies and management thinking, which are affecting public life."

He also shared his thoughts with Yourstory on what he believes to be the essence to Entrepreneurship, he says "I think, Entrepreneurship is a process of self discovery, and expressing those discoveries to the world in the most mundane and practical way. One can’t just do it, because there is hype, and others around are doing it . It is important to discover ones self, and understand ones core competencies, and then express it in a way, that matches the market need. It is a hard path to follow, and there is more smoke than the real thing. So to sustain that, one has to take inspiration from his/her own self, as it is a lonely journey (at least in the initial days) . Otherwise after a point, an entrepreneur will be stuck in a loop of frustration and disillusion. Innovation, creativity and self discovery is important for the success of an entrepreneur. However, the most important thing is the determination to carry on with a ‘Come what may’ spirit."


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