Mansi Mehta Tolani, Founder, SERVICES4YOU

Making life simple....

When life seems to be a drag and professional worries seem to be eating away at your quality time what solutions do you have? For those who have not had a rest in a while, young entrepreneur Mansi Mehta has come up with a way to relieve you of your burdens. “Services4you offers a comprehensive range of concierge services which take care of employees’ mundane chores that eat into their leisure time and holidays – bill payments, ticket bookings, reservations, tax and premium payments… you name it and we’ll do it for you. And going beyond the routine tasks, we walk the extra mile to give you even more. Birthday & anniversaries reminders, arrangement of floral delivery, that special gift you forgot to buy or basket of chocolates that couldn’t be delivered,

last minute plans for a movie but no tickets, a weekend getaway or a spa appointment, or any such errand that steals from your precious little leisure time, leaving no room for rest and relaxation.”

Yourstory asked Mansi on what her company is all about; she answers “Services4You is a corporate concierge company which aims to provide corporate companies and their employees with a comprehensive range of services that cater to their daily needs. Services4You aims to be an extensive support system for an employee’s personal and professional life which results in developing a highly efficient team that will manage their time effectively with the services being offered. Services4You is the concierge desk located in the corporate campus that takes care of all your chores that eat into your leisure time and holidays - whether it be bill payments, tax & premium payments, ticket bookings, bank works, or even government related jobs like ration card, pan card, passports etc.”

The entire idea sounds so great that even a workaholic would go for it. So how does it all work? “The companies that we tie up with have employee strength ranging from 2,500 to 18,000 people. Out of these at least 80% people avail of the services being offered by us. The differentiators of my business are that there are very limited players in India who do this kind of business as of today. Also, the current economy makes its suitable for companies to adapt to the services we provide.”

“Our business model is to be a service provider catering to the admin and HR needs of any corporate. We believe that corporations who provide a better quality of life and a supportive workplace have a distinct competitive edge and are able to maximize and improve productivity, job satisfaction and long term commitment.”

So with the ethos of all work and no play makes Jack a dull, unproductive boy fuelling her goals, she plans to take their business places. The following three factors will be key to scaling up the business…

“Clientele- We would achieve a target of having tie ups with 20 companies by the end of this year.”

Expansion- Opening up an office in Mumbai

“Increase in Services- As of now we have around 120+ services that we offer, we plan to scale up the services by thrice that number by the end of this year.”

Mansi explains her choice of vocation saying “Having a pure family business background, it was always my mission to make a mark in the corporate world by doing something unique. After my studies abroad, I gained the confidence to come back to India and start my own business. “

However she found a few thorns in her otherwise rosy path, she explains “I was born and brought up in Bombay after which I pursued my further studies in the USA. As soon as I came back to India; I got married in March 2008 to a Hotelier in Pune city. The biggest challenge for me was to learn, absorb and understand the Pune market in order to start my own business. Without any leads, it was extremely difficult to contact corporates to get a breakthrough. However, I overcame the challenge within a period of a few months.”

“The biggest mistake I had made as an amateur entrepreneur was to easily believe in verbal commitments made by people. This was realized over a period of time, after which I have never had any expectations until the contracts are signed.”

Beginning the business with the money she saved while working abroad, she dreams of rapidly expanding Service4you… “Since it has been only 4 months that I have started, as of now, we have only one branch in Pune. However, we would be soon opening up a branch in Mumbai by the end of May. For every company we tie up with, the number of employees increases by 3.”

Her belief is that the biggest achievement in the growth of the organization was that they found an efficient team of professionals who excel in assisting employees in providing services to fulfill tasks with perfection.

She found her motivation from the acceptance and appreciation by IT giants like Tech Mahindra and Infosys. She says “As of now, technology has not been embedded in the operations sector of our company. However, my vision for 2010 is to have everything a CLICK away. This would be achieved by making the operations processes and procedures completely automated.”

She signed off with a piece of advice to all future and present entrepreneurs saying “Trust only in yourself and your dream.” Yourstory wishes her the best in helping others find their leisure time…


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