SPOXCHANGE - The Global Sports Stock Exchange Launched


The Launch- SPOXCHANGE :

Ahmedabad, Gujarat [9th April 2009] SPOXCHANGE - The Global Sports Stock Exchange is an entertainment portal born out of the need for change in the online sports entertainment. SPOXCHANGE is a result of combination of sports entertainment with stock market fundamentals.

This venture lets fans use their knowledge & understanding to trade in stocks of their favorite sports players. One just needs to register, trade in virtual money and get a chance of winning attractive prizes!!!

Right now, only cricket players are listed on the site and the trading season also is scheduled from (0001hrs) 15-Apr-09 to (2359hrs) 25-May-09 considering the upcoming 2nd season of Indian Premier League (IPL). Fans of other sports like Soccer, F1, Hockey, Tennis, etc... watch this space for more. Other features available on the site are Live Scorecard, Latest News, Videos, Blogs, Newsletters, etc. The portal will be updated frequently as per your demands/requirements/suggestions.

Trade & Win

On registration, every user gets 5000 SPX [SPOXCHANGE Currency] which can be used to buy stocks of players who one feels will perform well. Every run/wicket will lead to distribution of dividends to all users who own that stock at the time of 'dividend payout'. This money can be reinvested in the market to buy more shares or kept as profit gained so as to enhance the overall portfolio value.


Watching live scores and reading dumb commentary (online) is now a thing of past. No more will you just be a selector at the start of a tournament and play fantasy games. It is time to apply ream time fundas and be a part of a phenomenon that will redefine online sports entertainment.  More...

The People

While the venture is entirely self-funded and managed by an IIM graduate, its existence and current success wouldn't have been possible without the support of the partners like KCS, Pratiksha Thanki, Shradha Sharma, Lavanya, Gaurav Kohli, Gift Centre (Ahmedabad) and Nirav Printers. Others who have contributed from the start are Betro (Nirav), Bobo (Rushabh), Bottle (Darshak), Chikno (Rinkal), Keshu (Chirag) & Sattu (Satyaveer) and they share the great passion for sports.

Check out our website: http://spoxchange.net

Win prizes worth Rs. 10,000 + A Blog Entry + A chance to get your name on the homepage of the site.


Neel Shah


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