Yourstory and BITS Pilani-Symposiarch present "CROSS FIRE"


Are you a smooth talker? Or pressingly assertive? Ever had a heated argument with someone and came out of it victorious? How does it feel? Amazing? On top of the world? Powerful?

Convincing is an art that can make and break empires.Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler, Bin-Laden, Steve Jobs and many others had mastered at it with their own flavor & style. now attempts at bringing the persuasive and the persevering in the youth with CrossFire, a battle that only the fittest will survive, at BITS,Pilani. CrossFire is a one week online event that will test a person’s wits, creativity,convincing ability,PR and more.

Ms. Shradha Sharma, founder says " Cross Fire is our attempt at giving the young and aspiring entrepreneurs a platform to brush up their convincing skills, as the ability to convince is a key skill set for success in any endevour.'s new idea exchange platform intends to be the voice of aspiring entrepreneurs and all the young people interested in entrepreneurship and networking.Lets hope it acts as a trigger for many new and promising ideas"

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Nithya N - Event Coordinator,Cross Fire

Nithya is an avid blogger and is a keen follower of entrepreneurship in India. She is an active evangelist of


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