Mannish Agarwaal, Legacy Inheritor, Rainbow Dyeing & Printing Mills Pvt. Ltd.

There are some dreams that are meant to be... like the childhood stories which begin with "Once upon a time…" where you simply cannot deny that the hero will win the day, the princess will get rescued, and the story ends with a "…happily ever after". This is a story somewhat along the childhood fairytales lines. Back in 1991, a Young Indian Entrepreneur with dreams in his eyes and a burning passion to achieve something decided that traditional clothing was a worthy venture and established RAINBOW DYEING & PRINTING MILLS PVT. LTD to manufacture man-made art silk clothes.

Mannish Agarwaal told us about his story saying, "The roots go back through two decades of steady growth to the company's foundation in 1991. Rainbow Sarees is the parent body and started its activities in Art Silk Fabrics. The dynamic leader Shri Naresh Agarwaal was on his way and his mark was made to leave a lasting impression in the Textile World. His impact was tremendous because the effort was such, taking the fashion world by storm and creating a fashion revolution among the fashion conscious, leading to a new era in the history of fashion. Rainbow had made its mark and was here to stay."

Dreams are well enough, but in the real world dreams have to be tangible, and very solid indeed. Mannish says "It was a perfect beginning - a beginning with a dream to succeed - a dream to reach out and to achieve, which was quickly transformed into a magical reality, woven into every piece of art we manufactured. Around 1500 families are directly earning their livelihood from our organization. There are approximately 450 mills in and around Surat and their market share is at least 50% of India."

With the weight of a legacy behind him his dreams were very clear cut. He became an entrepreneur to continue in the footsteps of his predecessors. The story has progressed fairly well so far, but what about the days to come? Mannish says "We are trying to avail other opportunities to modernize and improve our quality and capacity of our products."

We also suspected that like every story there was also a hiccup or two in theirs and there was, but not what we expected, he says "Our main competition is with ourselves. We have to be more creative and more productive to maintain the high benchmarks that we have previously set."

He also gave us a reality check on his company, he said "Our business is with the market trend and economy of the country. Hence the growth is more speculative. There are around 1500 employees with our organization and as we are in the manufacturing field - we have no branches at present."

RAINBOW DYEING & PRINTING MILLS PVT.LTD. made a turnover of US$ 260 million in just a decade, a feat that Mannish says has been their biggest achievement yet as a company. He says "Our brand “Rainbow” is well established all over India and familiar to every Indian woman."

When we asked him if he had ever thought of quitting and exploring the job market, he retorted in disbelief "Are you joking?” We asked him who inspired him so much that he considered his job to be his vocation in life, and pat came the answer "My dynamic and enthusiastic father Shri Naresh Agarwal." By 2010 he plans to make the company ever richer in their market base and add his bit to the family legacy. He believes he is yet to accomplish this and we at Yourstory believe that come rain or shine he will win the day.

Mannish Agarwaal also shared with us his version of an Entrepreneur who he believes should "Be an optimist and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities." Yourstory wishes Mannish and Rainbow Sarees keep adding to their legacy for years to come and prosper "happily ever after".


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