New book on bootstrapped entrepreneurs by Forbes columnist Sramana Mitra


In a world battered by economic crisis, Sramana Mitra believes entrepreneurship is the only sustainable path forward to a healthy economic world order. And core to the success of entrepreneurial ventures today is the invigorating art of bootstrapping. Sramana Mitra--a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant and Forbes columnist--takes aim at this essential route along the roadmap to startup success with her new book Bootstrapping:Weapon of Mass Reconstruction (Entrepreneur Journeys Vol. 2; BookSurge; June 1, 2009; $16.95 paperback).

"Sramana Mitra's Bootstrapping:Weapon of Mass Reconstruction is a book for our time because it's something real out of Silicon Valley. No more stories about legendary VC fundings of startup-to-IPO in six months... This book has some fascinating histories of the different paths people take to entrepreneurship, and the difficulties they face. I would only have wished each of the interviews to be longer and deeper, because every story is worth telling."

-FastCompany review

Along with the incisive analysis and commentary that have popularized her blog "Sramana Mitra on Strategy" and Forbes columns, Mitra showcases a dozen successful entrepreneurs and their lessons from the bootstrapping trenches. The book rises to the level of economic policy discussion while simultaneously offering practical advice from experienced bootstrappers on doing more with less, getting started with little or no capital, and validating the market on the cheap.

With so many people, from graduates to the newly self-employed, exploring entrepreneurship out of necessity today, I hope you will include this inspirational and informative book amongst those on your shelves that you offer and recommend.

Bootstrapping:Weapon of Mass Reconstruction is a $16.95 paperback published by Amazon's BookSurge and can be purchased directly from, from Baker & Taylor as "non-returnable" (the status will show as "out of stock" because it is available for purchase on-demand), or by contacting