Brig Sushil Bhasin and Col. Naval Kohli , Founder, Empower Camp

Honesty, integrity, conflict, and resource management are just some of the qualities observed in an army officer. So where does one acquire these necessary ingredients of an able life.  Academics are in fact a limited portion of one’s knowledge. To compliment this academic lifestyle, Brig Sushil Bhasin and his brother Col. Kohli have established the Empower Camp.

  Empower Camp is pioneered by Brig Sushil Bhasin who, after 34 years in the Indian Army, has taken pre-mature retirement to accomplish his dreams. He has rich and varied experience in the fields of human resource development and training and has held various instructional appointments.

He was also Chairman of Army School Bareilly, where he developed a special passion for children. His aim in life is to start a school for children, where there are no barriers to the education process. 

Col. Naval Kohli has served the Indian Army for 24 years. He too has experience in human resource development and has specialised in the field of training. He has held instructional tenures and has commanded several logistics units. Col Kohli has served in Somalia under the aegis of United Nations Peace Keeping Force and has been awarded a French Army medal for his service.

Through this camp, together they aim to provide direction to an individual through various outdoor activities. It is situated in the Raigad district and covers an area of about 50 acres. 

What differentiates this business, are the customised services that it offers for all age groups. These include camps for mother and child, corporates, schools, and families. Also there are regular camping expeditions conducted to various places in North India. The camp lays emphasis on enhancing human effectiveness through personality enrichment. The entrepreneurs offer programmes which develop an individual’s overall character, while blending effectively with nature. The overall experience is pleasurable. They offer challenges and opportunities that are distinctive and original, and a get away from chaotic city life.

Though a slow start, the future for this camp appears bright, with the visionaries aiming to make it the best adventure camp in India. There have been plans to take it global which include tie-ups with European schools and a “know your roots” programme for Non-residential Indians.

The biggest challenge for these entrepreneurs is to administer the camp to its smallest nitty-gritties and at the same time overview the training aspects. One tip that Brig. S. Bhasin wishes all budding entrepreneurs to follow is to have confidence in one’s own product offering. Also avoid too much analysis as it leads to paralysis.


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