Deadly Sin of Entrepreneurship

Monday July 13, 2009,

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Sin, vice, fall or transgress is defined in the dictionary as an act that is a violation of a law or a moral principle. It could range between anything from eating one

more slice of that alluring Tiramisu to murdering your friend for profit. It could also be the primal seed behind the living idea that entrepreneurship is.

The first sin, as religion puts it is that of Satan rebelling against God. Looking back at the definition of the word sin, allowing for a huge margin for error, we can condense it as a deviation from expected behaviour. Going by this definition, entrepreneurship is definitely a sin, for by birth it deviates from anything that is accepted. So, what qualities do we Creative Sinners embody to become what we are?

The Seven Deadly Sins of course. Let me now try to play the Devil's Advocate and convince you into vice.

Greed - How many times have been taught the virtue of contentment? And if we had to follow that, would we dream big? Would we go beyond big and dream impossible? Stay greedy my fellow Creators - for only if you are not happy with what you have will you create more

Gluttony - We have evolved from creatures that hunted, gathered and hoarded food to creatures that hunt, gather and hoard ideas. And as it was in the wild jungle then so it is in the wild world today - the one who consumes the most will win. So glut your mental guts with every idea, innovation that comes your way.

Sloth - Now this can come as a shock, but laze around my mates. Laze around in such style that you spend more time finding a lazier way to do a task than doing it actually. Be actively lazy - invent and kill the routine of doing a task. Be an Active Lazer.

Lust - Passion my amigos, that’s what makes the world go round. For if our ideas were not loves and if we did not make love to them, how would we create and innovate? If there was no boiling cauldron of lust at the bottom of our bellies, where would the world get its future from?

Pride - My favourite sin. In fact, I think it is misnamed. Arrogance would be a better name. To be arrogant in your ideas and beliefs, to brush aside haughtily anyone who gathers guts to question them, to hold your head high and dream in the clouds - a sin that we all have to commit

Envy - Be jealous my friend. Be jealous of the few before you who have not walked the same path, but taken the shovel, dug the dirt and carved their own road through the mountains. Burn so green with jealousy that you reach out to the skies and build a bridge to the moon!

Wrath - Practise this sin my people. For it is a very valuable one. Let your anger, rage and fury at seeing things go wrong in the world build up into you. Let it feed on your soul. Let is burn your heart. Then, let it explode as an innovation that takes this miserable world that has hurt you so much, melt it and re-sculpt it the way you want.

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