Dr. Deepak Acharya and Manish Singh, Founders, Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd

Thursday July 09, 2009,

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The knowledge of the ancients is being revived by a man of great vision and innovative thinking…India has imparted Yoga, Ayurveda, the zero and many such innovations to the world and is on the verge of yet another gift. Dr Deepak Acharya and Abhumka Herbal Private Limited (www.abhumka.com) are deeply engrossed in formulizing the indigenous knowledge after validation and value addition of potential herbal practices of tribals of Patalkot (www.patalkot.com), Dangs and Aravallis in India. Traditional medicine (TM) occupies a central place among rural communities of developing countries for the provision of health care in the absence of an efficient primary health care system. The good doctor says “India is one of the oldest civilizations and it has an encyclopedia of tried, tested and trusted medicinal plants and also a vast bunch of traditional medicinal practices and Traditional Knowledge (TK) which, still is unwritten and passed through the word of mouth from generation to generation. Our indigenous peoples are experts in herbal knowledge and the modern world knows it as Indigenous Knowledge (IK). Tribals and indigenous people in India are a real power house of traditional herbal knowledge. “

“It is awful that traditional medicinal practices are not being documented along with the protocol of the diseases but it is always better late than never. Documentation of traditional knowledge of Tribals will serve as a raw material for  R & D and eventually for product formulation. In the later stages, Indigenous tribes should be given the responsibility for the supply of particular herbs when it comes to commercial production of the finished products. This will give them a sense of belonging to the forest and acknowledge their mastery of herbal medicines while safeguarding their IPR. In this way, we could bring forward this community in the main stream where their economic status could be remarkably improved and protected. Our integrated efforts to make the tribals self reliable and self sustaining, economically independent, politically integrated, will also solve their other socio-political problems.”

Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd is working towards the execution of Translation of Indigenous Knowledge in totality and towards the establishment of a fully integrated 3P (3 partner) Model.

Established in March 2007 the Company has been involved in scouting and documenting the tribal’s traditional knowledge. The company came up with its first product in the year 2009 but the product is yet to arrive on open markets..

What Oil is to the Gulf can be herbs for Indian economy by 2014, after of course being subjected to various parameters and conditions. These standards need to be addressed immediately through an integrated effort from Government, science fraternity and farmers. Nevertheless, our vast geographical area, different biodiversities, large rural population will prove to be blessing in disguise for achieving this goal.  

People in developing countries like India are already and will increasingly depend on medicinal plants as sources for their primary health care. An estimate by the World Health Organization says that more than 80% of the world's population relies solely or largely on traditional remedies for health care. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to take proper initiatives to solve the issues related with in situ, ex situ conservation of medicinal plants, cultivation of important herbs, global trading, indigenous knowledge, its validation and value addition with the help of continuous clinical trials and knowledge protection (IPR), etc.  

In the year 2010, they are looking forward to a Product Based Collaboration for the following formulations

Wound Healing: This is a polyherbal formulation. It expels water/ pus from the wound and heals it rapidly. This is a one time application and heals 95% of the wounds in first ten days itself. No further application afterwards.  

Obesity: This is a polyherbal practice. In our observation, an individual has reduced 60 kgs over the period of a year whereas, an average weight loss is expected in between 30-40 kgs in 9 months depending up the BMI and age of the obese patient. No diet restricts are prescribed.    

Nutricandy: It’s a multiherbal formulation for kids and lactating women. Besides enriching the body with I, Folic acid and Vitamins, it act as a preventive tool for digestive problems, infections in the mouth, cough & cold, teeth & gum related problems.                                    

Anemia: This is a polyherbal formulation. It boosts haemoglobin level from 6 to 14 within 3 months and also improves the blood platelet count upto 350000 in just one month. The above level remains constant after the completion of dosage and further medication/ dosage is not required after the completion of dose cycle.

Ointment/ oil for facial/ blister wound marks: This polyherbal formulation is potential to remove patches/ marks from the skin. 

For removal of blood clotting in brain: The formulated oil can remove blood clots from the brain and it is effective in purifying the blood also. 

Kidney ailment: We have documentary evidences regarding successful treatment of kidney related disorders within the time of 3 months by using this polyherbal formulation. 

Herbal Cigarette: This unique formulation can prevent the propagation of cancer. It many cases, it’s been observed that after the intake of the formulation, tumor growth is first checked and then completely removed. 

Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd seeks to create a win win situation for all. Main beneficiaries will include: the common man/ woman (to whom we would provide cheaper, safer and eco-friendly solutions for their health disorders), tribesmen (who would be part of this mission through reverse integration as they would cultivate the raw material required for product development. This will provide them an open market to sell their herbal material), and knowledge holders (they will share part of profit earned by AHPL).

As of now says Dr.Deepak “AHPL is the only company purely working on the product development based on indigenous tribal’s herbal knowledge. Traditional medicine (TM) occupies a central place among rural communities of developing countries for the provision of health care in the absence of an efficient primary health care system. India is one of the oldest civilizations that have given world “The Ayurveda”. It has encyclopedia of tried, tested and trusted history of medicinal plants and traditional medicinal practices. I have my own experiences of working among the tribals of Patalkot in central India and Dang in Western Central India. These indigenous people have been involved in herbal practices from time immemorial for curing various health disorders. AHPL has been documenting the indigenous knowledge pertaining to herbal medicinal practices. This documented knowledge serves as raw material for product formulation. In the later stages, we involve tribal farmers to supply particular herbs when it comes to commercial production of the finished products. In this way, we could bring forward this community and improve their economic status. Our integrated efforts to make the tribals self reliable and self sustaining, economically independent, politically integrated, will also solve their other socio-political problems.

The Pharma Company would manufacture and market the formulation. The profit would be shared among the 3 partners (The Pharma Company, AHPL and traditional knowledge holders). See 3P Model.


When it comes to growth a roadmap has already been laid out. They have got a database of more than 5000 herbal formulations. Due to limitations and IPR protection issues, they cannot work on more than 4 formulations at a time.

“We have got limited budget in our hands. It would be foolish to work on so many directions right now. Our plan is to go slowly but steady as Research and Development is never a fortnight game, it needs time and approach. We are ready with our first product “DudhNahar” a cattle feed which enhances milk productivity up to 30% in a month. There are many more formulations in pipeline. We are working for human health care products, animal health products and plant (agri) protection products. Once our first product is out in the market, there would be second product ready to be launched. There are separate teams to look after separate aspects of the company management. Our aim is to achieve turn over in 9 digits in next one year and then 10 digits within next 3 years.

When asked why he took such a unique entrepreneurial step Dr. Deepak says “If I have enough knowledge, vision and capabilities to arrange bread and butter for myself, why would I wait for someone to feed me? My views are clear, vision is wide open and I can not really work under someone who lacks all this. Speed of the engine is speed of the team. I have had bad experiences earlier. I thought I should work under my own supervision. I have to compete with myself. “

Dr. Deepak also believes that today’s decisions may be tomorrows follies or a stroke of genius too…“I took many challenges and risks. I need to wait for the right time to evaluate it, time will tell if my decisions were rights or wrong and then I would be able to tell my biggest mistakes. But, at the moment, I am enjoying this phase of life and there is no fear of failure or success. “

He began his work with 40 Lakhs and he believes that “if your thoughts are pure and vision is clear, you get a chance. I would not mention the source of seed capital but would like to thank our seed capitalist for trusting this mission.”

“Our first product “DudhNahar” is our biggest achievement so far. This revolutionary product can change the face of dairy and cattle farm industry”

There has been some recognition also for Dr. Deepak’s work…”Print and electronic media has covered our activities many times. The Wall Street Journal has covered a Special Story (12 May, 2006) about my work among the indigenous tribesmen. There have been many stories and news published about my mission in various Indian News Papers. Foreign magazines i.e. Positive Health, ECOS and Midwifery Today have published stories about my innovative mission.”

Yourstory asked him how he finds the will to stay in the game; he answered “I waited for 8 months after quitting my last job. I never thought that I lost something. I am delighted to have support from my family and friends. I am very optimistic and very open to my thoughts. I knew, if I have an idea that is different and holds potential, I am destined to get success. If you are in Gujarat and you have this sort of idea, you will have to be an entrepreneur. Gujarat has taught me business and never say die spirit.”

“I believe, there is no single job or business where you don’t find a rollercoaster ride. You have to be firm and strong enough to face any situation. I believe in my business and I am committed to work hard to grow and nurture it.”

A past winner of the Young Scientist Award- 2003 by Botanical Forums- India, Dr. Deepak advises the readers at Yourstory at our behest…”He only wins who thinks he can. I must advise budding entrepreneurs to remain cool and calm at your odds and never get over exposed or excited at your evens”.

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