Megha Jha & Reetesh Mishra, Co-Founders, Renaissance Public Relations

Some partnerships are meant to be like Romeo and Juliet or perhaps the Wright Brothers, such comparisons come to mind when I came across the entrepreneurial and personal partnership of Megha Jha & Reetesh Mishra. These purveyors of PR turned entrepreneurs are accomplishing the same goals with a twist in the tale. Yourstory spoke to them and learnt more about their venture.

  They said “Renaissance, meaning revival, the word itself explains you about our ambition. It’s true that we are not the pioneers in this industry but then being the pioneer and standing differentiated amongst various other players holds equal worth and that is the mission of our organization.

Apart from being one in so many we wish to carve a special and a different space for ourselves in this field. As far as the name is concerned, it is just in sync with our vision. The word RENAISSANCE means change and our aim is to bring certain transformations in this industry that will take time but definitely will turn out to be the most positive change that the industry must have ever witnessed.”

“The idea of entrepreneurship doesn’t happen at once, it is there since you are born, and the only thing is that how much time you take to realize your dreams. We, the founders of Renaissance are a married couple and it is just that we realized our combined strength and skill after we entered the institution of marriage; otherwise individually Reetesh has spent almost 8 years now in the same industry.”

“As per the formalities of opening a company is concerned, we have got it all done well in advance, because we desire to run our company ethically.”


The duo is certain to go far in every sense of the word. Their thoughts behind their proposed range smacks of the aura of determination – “Scope of our organization is directly proportional to the services we provide. It is not just true to our case but holds an equal importance in the lives of all service providers. There are a variety of service that we provide, but the most important and sensitive part of our business is that of communication, today the time is such that a major focus of every corporate, individual, small or big enterprise etc. is towards communicating effectively with its target audiences in the right manner, with the right approach and that is exactly what we help them do.”

“Till date we have provided our services to many established corporates and we find ourselves fortunate enough for having relations with people as wonderful as they are. We have started with Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd,, PT education -India’s leading an MBA test preparing institute and PROTON business school, the most positive B- School. Recently we have added JK Business School and JK Padmapat Singhania Institute of Management & Technology, established by India’s largest Industrial group- JK Group.”

“This is just the beginning and we wish to service various other industries and different fields. We want to be steady in terms of growth so we are not in hurry for anything.”

Their aim is to be different and their business model reflects it. They revealed it saying “Everybody says that we are different but we have genuine reasons to categorize ourselves in the same because we believe in providing our clients the worth for their money. Being entrepreneurs we well understand the value of each hard earned rupee, so in the business model like ours, we don’t give our clients an opportunity to complain, and when there is no complain, the relationship runs smoother and longer.”

“The only plan that we have in our mind is to grow and expand ethically and steadily, we are not in a hurry to simply add clients because we want to sustain our relationship with our existing clients and add individuals from different sectors slowly, so that we do not do any injustice to any of our clients. Through this we can also attain a universal growth for ourselves.”

The twosomes have many things in common, as is reflected in their view of entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with it; they said “As mentioned in one of our answers earlier that entrepreneurship comes from within. It is very easy to get a regular job and at times you feel that it far more secure than this stream, the challenges that we face here is difficult and thus it teaches us to face problems and come out with solutions, and honestly this exercise enables us to establish ourselves as far better individuals. Entrepreneurship teaches you a range of qualities and also helps you establish your individuality, thus we chose this over the regular job profile.”

“Challenges are an inseparable part of every individual, and they give you the strength to establish yourself. It is not just one challenge that we have faced till date, rather I will say that every day that passes by is a challenge and every new day is the aftereffect of the past challenge. The only thing that I can say is we must learn to take challenges in a positive manner and if we do so, even problems tend to help you out.”

Their outlook on the mistakes they made is “It is not that only amateur entrepreneurs make mistakes, it can be that the frequency of mistakes is more with the start ups. Mistakes are a part and parcel of every business; the best point is that we must learn through them. Once a mistake is committed, there must be no scope for ever repeating it in your entire life.”

Their desire to be different is no passing phase or gimmick. They truly believe in what they are doing and their methods. Their beginnings also reflect this.

“The capital that we have invested in Renaissance is mainly our time. The capital investment in real sense was not a lot but how much so ever, it was completely our own savings and we take pride in calling ourselves a self established organization.”

“We don’t believe in quantity rather we believe in quality, thus we don’t measure our growth by number of employees or branches or clients. I would like to tell you that having clients like ours in the initial phase of our existence and the kind of people with whom we are associated is the parameter upon which we measure our growth. We have associations with intellectual experts of their own industries and we are fortunate enough to have met them at such stage of our existence.”

“People that we have met either in the form of our mentor and guide Dr. Manas Fuloria or clients like Mr. Sandeep Manudhane, Founder Chairman, PT Universe, Mr. Sandeep Anand, CEO,, Dr. Reena Ramachandran, Director General, JKBS etc. or our team, holds an equal importance in our growth.” 

There is no doubt that their future is bright and they have chosen the path and the destination too. They said “Every organization big or small, new or old has only one vision that is to see oneself grow. Growth in the sense of adding good clients, enhancing our relationship with our existing clients, growth in team, making our presence felt in the industry by establishing our branches in different cities, and also adding various services to our kitty.”

They have been recently recognized by their peers for their quality work, people in the industry have started writing about Renaissance PR aside from us that is, for e.g.“Public Relations Agencies Offering Social Media Services typically offer online reputation management and word of mouth marketing services, to complement their offline offerings. Leaders 20:20 Media, Fleishman Hillard, Genesis Burson-Marsteller (via Puretech Internet), Hanmer MSL, Ogilvy PR, Text100 and Weber Shandwick and even smaller players like Your browser may not support display of this image. Renaissance PR now offer well-developed social media offerings.”


Yourstory is delighted to have made their acquaintance, and wishes them the best in their partnership entrepreneurial and otherwise. The entrepreneurial couple parted ways with us with some advice saying “Patience is the key to entrepreneurship. There are times when you will feel curbed but that is the time when you need to stay composed and decisive.”