Prashant Parikh, Founder-CEO, Faayda.Com

Prashant Parikh is a name the unemployed or the job seekers should familiarize themselves with. He is the creator of an advantage that anyone should be keen to capitalize on. It is true that job searching on the internet is facilitated by numerous websites but here is where this Young Entrepreneur outstrips the competition. He says “Searching for Jobs is only second to checking emails when it come to the Internet, It is much too time consuming to hunt through so many career portals, looking for job openings. This is where fills the gap. is a job search engine for India. It aggregate jobs from various jobs portals and company websites and compiles them into easy filterable results so that a jobseeker can quickly find their dream job. Faayda’s mission is to provide a user friendly platform for both job seekers and recruiters to interact in the most efficient manner.”

“Both online and offline jobs is one of he most searched options in India, every day there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for job opportunities. I am happy to say that serves close to a 100,000 job seekers very month.”

“What makes us different is how we conduct business online. Most of the job websites add a couple hundred new jobs every week, we add a few thousand. When it comes to jobseekers, it is absolutely free for them to search jobs and to apply directly. Even for recruiters, we let them post their job openings for free. Using the latest technology we have also let other job portals get more traffic by patching in their job feed to ours, this way their jobs are seamlessly included on and jobseekers when they click on a job are directed to the particular portal who supplied us the job listing. We are also working on many other innovative features and will be launching them in the months to come.”  

Prashant has finally achieved a dream that he has seen for a long time after a prod or two from fate herself, he says “For as long as I can remember, I have always had the entrepreneurial bug in me. After having dual bachelors’ degree and a certificate in marketing, i could not secure a job so I guess that was destinies way of telling me to start something on my own. :)”

Prashant has not had it easy but is not one for throwing in the towel he says “the only way I have overcome roadblocks is by thinking positive and staying determined.” 

“I still consider myself an amateur entrepreneur as there is something new to learn every step of the way. The biggest mistake which I have made early on was having a laid back attitude, thinking entrepreneurs have an easy life… boy was I wrong :)”

Prashant then proceeded to talk about how he financed his company and where they are going. He says “I have always started all my projects with my own money and is no exception. We have grown phenomenally in a year’s time looking at the activity on our portal. In terms of employees we have an excellent team which is capable of shouldering ongoing projects for another 6- 6 months. Since our operations are 100% online there is currently no need to set up branches in other cities.” 

“The drive to create something meaningful which will help thousands of people every single day keeps me motivated.” says Prashant who had contemplated taking a 9 to 5 but chose not to because of his taste for entrepreneurship. The Founder of Faayda dished out some great advice to soon to be entrepreneurs saying “There is no substitute for hard work and if you put in the effort, rewards of success are just a matter of time.”

Yourstory has faith in Prashants entrepreneurial abilties and hopes that his hard work will bring him success and much “Faayda”


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