Sanjay Bafna, Groom concepts

On one’s wedding day one would like to look his best, but herein lies the quandary, for who shall dress the groom. A new retail format known as “Groom Concepts” has been started which specializes in wedding trousseau for men, and perhaps solving our problem. .Operating under President’s group which started as a small Raymond retail outlet in 1982 “Groom Concepts” is the brain child of Mr.Jaychand Bafna currently under the leadership of Sanjay Bafna. Customers visiting their stores will have an option of getting the merchandise custom made or buying ready made stuff depending upon

their requirements. They have two in house brands known as “SARTORIAL” and “PROSSIMO” which are retailed at the group stores.

So be it the fashion conscious or the ordinary man looking for a good suit to get married in, they have stylish dressing for all. The organization aims to provide fashionable clothing catering to men in all kinds of designs and fabrics to suit all body types. Being a specialized retailer in men’s wear catering to all customer segments they have about 10000 customers from all over south India.                                  

Yourstory asked Sanjay what make them differ from the run of the mill stores. He replied “We at Presidents group provide a variety of fabrics for customers sourced from the best mills of the world especially from Italy and Japan. Custom tailoring facility is also available for the customers to suit their requirements. Being in the fashion industry we provide the latest designs and cuts to the customers in a wide range of fabrics and dress up for the occasion. “

“We plan to expand the number of stores in Bangalore and be present in all the CBD areas of Bangalore. We are also looking to position ourselves in the larger format stores and the MBO’S which will educate the consumers about our concept and products.”

Sanjay explains why he entered the high stakes world of the entrepreneur he says “The reason for me choosing entrepreneurship was to work on my own terms and make it big on my own rather than to work for others where your thinking can be ignored and not encouraged. Being an entrepreneur makes you go through all the aspects of establishing a business and the challenges that follow with it. Everyday you have something to learn and it gives you the high that no regular 9 to 5 job can give you.”

The biggest challenge in his path so far has been to make “Groom Concepts” a success since it has been into retailing only a year old and also make a mark in the wedding wear segment all over south India. The biggest mistake he has made so far was to take things too lightly as an entrepreneur and being over confident at times.

The seed capital for the company was funded by the promoters of the company. Initially the capital invested in the “Groom Concept “store was around 50 lacs.

The group has progressed over the years Sanjay says “Presidents group has been growing over the years since its establishment in 1982 and now has 6 stores all over Bangalore. The company is growing at an average rate of 12% p.a. the company has over 80 employees at present.

Sanjay believes that their biggest achievement is the customer relationship at their stores which has helped them grow over the years and be profitable. He says “Customers who have been very loyal to us have been coming to shop at our stores for over 20 years which is being followed by their next generation also. The organization today has become a trust worthy name all over Bangalore when it comes to fashionable men’s wear.”

Sanjay also revealed that even the successful have had second thoughts he says “Yes at times when things don’t happen the way you expect it to happen, you do get feel like giving it up and find some stable and secure job but when you believe in yourself and have the girt and patience to pass through the rough times you will succeed. It’s a lesson that every entrepreneur learns as he starts off and these feelings do tend to come every now and then. But sticking on to your work with confidence will help you in succeeding.

He shared his motives and the reason behind his drive to Yourstory saying “The lessons that one learns, is that you don’t get everything in life very easily and you have to work hard for every penny. The highs and lows come as a package, with commitment to your work and just the experience that one gains all along the way makes it all worthwhile.”

Sanjay says “My vision is to expand our presence and increase the number of stores to 8 or maybe 10 and reach wider and develop a huge customer base.” Yourstory wishes President’s group and Groom concepts success in their ventures.


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