Skandha Darshan Tandra and Karmendra Jain, Founders, IIMConnect

Being a member of an exclusive club has been the fancy and the envy of most men, with emancipation many changes have come about gender wise across the globe. However our democratic nation has an exclusive club of sorts that only students of a certain kind may join regardless of gender, caste or creed. IIMConnect is a professional networking tool to connect students/faculty/alumni across the Indian Institute of Managements in India. Karmendra Jain and Skandha Darshan Tandra are the founders of this networking marvel for our ages which has added 750+ members across all the IIMs within just three weeks of their launch.

The double act told us more about their undertaking saying “IIMConnect is a professional networking tool to connect students/faculty/alumni across the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) in India. The portal would not only bring in students/alumni/faculty across IIMs but also encourages discussions on forums, groups and polls. We also have classifieds and currently working on a section for Jobs. The portal is strictly for the IIM fraternity.”

“IIMConnect caters only to the students/faculty/alumni across IIMs. Currently, there is no such portal which brings together all IIMs. We felt a need for a common platform meant solely for IIM community and hence launched this web portal.”

As of now their focus is on getting all the community members to the platform and initiating a dialogue among them. “We believe that the interactions and activities on the portal and the requirement of the members will help us in shaping the future path of the business.” said the duo.

They funded their venture quite easily and have found that time management between studies and the startup is where the real challenge lies. Their “Passion to do something different and bring about a change” motivates them to work at it despite the trials and tribulations.

Their future plans are “To become a 15000+ member strong professional community, nurture ideas and let know opportunities across diverse arenas for IIMConnect members”

Skandha left the US to pursue his studies at IIM-C. His performance in AIR has been commended by all. He worked in Chicago, USA for 27 months and was recognized for the best contribution

Karmendra has been an overachiever of sorts, scoring 99.93%tile and getting calls from all the IIMs qualifies him for this adjective. His recommendation mail from the director appreciating the project and his last senior manager’s words have been a constant source of pride to him -“It was an honor to have you in my team and any person would love to work with you”

The duo stated their motto for entrepreneurship saying “Think different, think big and believe in yourself.” Yourstory whole heartedly supports their outlook and commends them on their undertaking which will definitely take them places.


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