Goldee Udani, Founder, Beevolve Technology Services Pvt. Ltd

If you could see the future what would you do, or better yet if you had access to something or someone who could prophesy the coming tomorrows would you take the opportunity or not? My instincts say that you would especially if you would like to grow and prosper. Goldee Udani has perfected a system that comes as close to future prediction as possible. 

This Young Entrepreneur explained exactly how you could benefit from Beevolve Technology Services Pvt and says “Beevolve, a startup based out of Bangalore, has developed a Social Media Analytics Platform (hereafter, referred to as SMAP), that analyzes what people are talking about online to deliver insights into products, brands, markets, consumers and trends. Executives, marketers, media and PR agencies can use the analytics tool to track consumer-generated media, understand sentiment,

identify emerging trends and use the resulting insights to improve products, marketing, sales and service. Apart from social media analytics platform, we also provide a Crawling Web Service which customers can use to crawl and extract information from different web sources.”

Quite like the oracle at Delphi of old many will be coming to have their futures predicted, and Beevolve will serve them all. “Executives, Brand Managers, marketing and PR agencies who are interested in monitoring, measuring and analyzing consumer trends and opinions will be the ones who buy our SMAP product. We also like to think of it as a social service we do for the public at large - by making sure that enterprises listen to their customers and act on the feedback.” says Goldee. 

Despite all the allusion to prediction and prophecy they are not fortune cookie makers. Goldee attests to this saying “Unlike brand monitoring platforms who report on brand conversations and competitive news, Beevolve's platform is able to go a step further and extract and deliver insights that can be used to formulate marketing strategies, drive product development, measure advertising performance and avoid potential PR disasters before they spiral out of control.”

Their own future has been set and Goldee prophesizes saying “We plan to partner with marketing and PR agencies in USA and Europe who would help us find customers for SMAP. We also plan to launch SMAP as a SaaS, use search engine marketing to attract users to our website and will use freemium model to increase sign-ups and generate leads.”

Goldee is a veteran of the game, he had already gained experience before putting his own idea on the market. He says “Entrepreneurship bug bit me quite early in my career. I decided to work for startups (worked for two successful startups in US and one in India) to learn the nuts and bolts of running and managing a startup before taking the plunge and striking out on my own.”

He is yet to have any misfortune (touch wood) with his decisions and says “All bets that I made seem to be paying off at this point. Only time will tell if I am making any mistakes.”

As with all good ideas, Beevolve has attracted quite a few admirers in the way of financial assistance. 

“Beevolve received pre-seed investment from

They have served close to half a dozen customers, using their Crawler Web Service.

Both the products (Crawler as a Web Service, Social Media Analytics platform) have developed and found ready buyers without spending a single penny on advertising, nor marketing. This undoubtedly has pleased Goldee and his backers and bears witness to their acumen as developers.

Driven by “Immense self-belief and excellent support ecosystem in terms of family and friends” Goldee plans to get at least two dozen paying customers for their Social Media Analytics platform by end of 2010

Leading by example Goldee will be changing and making the fortunes of many with his work. Yourstory hope that he and Beevolve continue to serve their customers and keep up their high levels of excellence