Lean Manufacturing Scheme for MSMEs


The government launched 'Lean Manufacturing Scheme' for the micro, small and medium units to enhance the manufacturing competitiveness of the sector, battling the global demand recession.The objective of this scheme is to enhance the manufacturing competitiveness of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by applying lean techniques to identify and eliminate waste in the manufacturing process. As per Dinshaw Patel, Minister of State, Independent Charge, MSME the scheme would be implemented initially in 100 clusters (in the industries having potential for improvement in competitiveness and productivity) on pilot basis in one year. Initially, under this scheme the government has made a provision of Rs 31 crore. The clusters, each a group of about 10 units, would be selected from different parts of the country and would undergo lean interventions for about a year. During the end of the first year, an impact assessment study would be carried out for these 100 clusters and the outcome of the report will form the basis for upscaling this programme to cover another 300-500 clusters in the subsequent year.