Samyak S.Chakrabarty, Managing Director, Electronic Youth Media Group

22nd Aug 2009
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The power of Youth has been much touted, and yet never exemplified in recent times. Samyak S.Chakrabarty has all the qualities of youth and none of its faults; in short he fits the bill. Our “Young” Entrepreneur, Samyak seeks to fulfill his dreams while harnessing the potential of our young populous.

He expounded on his vision and his company Electronic Youth Media Group saying “By 2012, India will be the youngest country in the world and our youth has also been pegged as perhaps one of the most lucrative target markets for most brands across commercial segments. This makes it very crucial for such brands, media planners and marketers to get a better and updated insight into our youth in order to formulate the most effective outreach strategy to capture this ever evolving market.

Electronic Youth Media has built the worlds first ever "Youth Marketing Tool" that uses offline and online tools to serve the above purposes. Through Youthportal and Concrea, we aim to be the "youth connect" for our clients.”

Their method seems to be rooted in a “catch them young” ethos. After all who best to understand the young but the youthful? Samyak explains “Concrea Communications: It is a Youth Marketing and Communications Agency owned by the Electronic Youth Media Group, wherein our team comprises of young and enthusiastic individuals who work towards understanding the youth as a market while keeping in mind the diverse origins, purchase behaviour, thinking patterns and various other factors. We carry out this analysis through various unconventional research models and tools that are all built in house. We use this research data to then create an effective marketing strategy for our clients. As young entrants into the media world, we promise to bring in a new wave of ideas, more eagerness to work and learn. Some of the services that we currently offer are: 

  • Strategic Planning and Youth Marketing Consultancy
  • Brand Analysis (current position analysis and expansion / enhancement strategies)
  • Rural Youth Marketing
  • Market Scan (Market research through unconventional and cost effective tools)
  • Event planning and management
  • Content Development
  • Ideation
  • Business Idea incubation + growth consultation ( Here we work with start-ups and SMEs and consult them on building the business model, set business objectives, marketing / brand building, expansion etc)
  • Design (logos, business cards or any kind of creatives)
  • Campaign Ideation
  • Product Innovation
  • Website development (This includes ideation, sample survey, content creation, construction, design and marketing)”

 “The idea is to connect NGOs, organizations and noble initiatives on an e-platform for our larger plan of National Youth Integration through internet and e-democracy. Our aim is to utilize the fullest potential of the internet to initiate social change. When i say change, I refer to youth activism, entrepreneurship, political awareness and Productive Networking. will essentially be a web-based platform with multiple purposes. For example, if a group of youngsters who live geographically apart but share the same passion/cause now can actually start their own "E-organizations" and "Action Groups" to collaborate their ideas online for Action on Ground. From the marketing point of view, this would be an excellent platform for brands to understand their target segment in a more direct manner and will also able to analyze the user generated content. On an average, a user profile will comprise of 14-30 years from urban, semi urban and rural areas.”

Their concepts, the first of their kind and centered around India, Samyak states “As far as India is concerned, we are pioneering in both our ventures. Youth Portal is perhaps the first portal of its kind that structurally connects individuals, organizations and initiatives for production networking. Concrea Communications has created its proprietary tools such as the Youth Marketing Tool, Student Transmitter Model, Youth Talk, Net Radar and Wallet Monitor.”

Despite his tender years Samyak is already a battle hardened veteran when it comes to entrepreneurial activities. He says “It allows me to innovate, fail (and then of course learn) and to be honest- it also gives a great kick when you know that your doing own thing.”

A list of his achievements reads like a dossier on a much older entrepreneur and yet states clearly that Samyak is the legitimate deal. Some of his notable successes are given below:- 

  1. Managing Director, Electronic Youth Media Group ( India’s Youngest Media C.E.O )
  2. Chief Executive Officer, Concrea Communications ( A Youth Marketing and communications consultancy )
  3. Executive Director, World’s first productive networking platform
  4. Director of The Indo Pak Youth Peace Summit ( India’s first peace summit of its kind which saw over 50 students from Pakistan , the largest ever such delegation )
  5. Founder of The Indian Youth Conclave ( India’s Leading Intellectual Youth Empowerment Organization )
  6. Recognized by Former United States Consul General, Michael Owen to host Indo-American Youth Friendship Summit 2007
  7. Secretary General and Founder to The Indian International Model United Nations 2005 & 2006 ( South East Asia’s Largest Independent Model U.N Conference for both years )
  8. Developing a Youth Marketing Tool that aims at analyzing the “youth” consumer responses and interpreting their needs. This tool is meant for Media Planners to effectively plan a Media Strategy for reaching out to their client’s young consumers / customers

His success has come swiftly and so have the challenges. Samyak says “The biggest challenge is to get people to start taking you seriously. Our age is also a disadvantage since people tend to underestimate our performance capabilities and seriousness to the business, due to lack of experience. Well, as a strategy we are getting testimonials from our clients / industry czars to endorse our ideas.”


He also made a few mistakes, and the experiences have not deterred him but taught him to do better. He says “Did not have a proper plan, was just going by the flow. Just about a year ago I have infused a more structure approach to things, even though i still make sure that things are a little flexible to allow free flows of ideas.”


Samyak believes that their future growth will be boosted by “The very fact that we being the youth ourselves understand broadly about our segment and have an automatic access to the different sub-types within our age group.”


India's youngest Media CEO has youth and experience on his side. If success has come early, so has the knowledge, and wisdom that only hard experience bring. In this respect Samyak’s viewpoint of entrepreneurship is one that bears hearkening to. He says “Just do what YOU really believe in. Let not the big-wigs of your industry critically evaluate an’ discard your new idea...if you think it will work then go try it out (just don’t lose somebody else’s money though!!!) If you fail, then rise only higher in your next phase.”

Yourstory wishes the Young Entrepreneur Samyak S.Chakrabarty good luck, and knows that there will be many feats in his emerging career.

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