Siddharth Jain, Rahul Jain and Rahul Bansal, AdVack Inc., an Internet advertisement firm

Advertising your wares can make your business blossom. It is a fact that getting the attention of your customers-to-be is what makes your clientele grow. Siddharth Jain is in the business of helping others grow their business and his methods are cutting edge. This Young Entrepreneur and his two friends are at the forefront of AdVack. Siddharth spoke of their vision for advertising and the Indian shop owner saying “AdVack Inc was founded in Dec, 2008. We are 3 school friends as partners who decided to build a company long back. AdVack Inc is an internet advertisement firm. We aim at driving profits from the bottom of the pyramid. We are currently working on a project named Aayna , in which we are developing a no download virtual world. We are a team of young people who share a common madness to achieve the targets and deadlines.”

“We target the local Indian market. Our whole sole aim is to make a local shop owner realize the importance of internet advertisement. Although, we would be tying up with big brands also but our major focus remains on local Indian shop owner. We believe that each and every shop is out there because it has some unique feature; it is offering something more that the shop next door to it selling the same items. We are trying to make people understand and advertise their values or what extra they are offering to their customers.”

Advertising on the internet may not be a new concept but Siddharth feels that it can be improved upon. He says “Today, you go to, or any website. When we start watching videos, there is 10 seconds of advertisement which is displayed before the video, which could be disliked at times by the customers. We wanted to develop something where a customer can come, do whatever he wants to do and still he doesn’t come to know that he has seen an advertisement. This type of model we wanted to build on which aayna is an attempt.”

“We do have these types of simulated environments but all of them are downloadable. We are developing a no download multiplayer virtual world.

We are targeting local shop owners so that we can make them understand the benefits of online advertisement and still draw profits from bottom of pyramid which will eventually lead to educating the middle class more about internet and web.”

Their initial foray will be in Delhi, at the same time however other metros will also be targeted. He says “Capturing each and every single shop is something that is on our mind which we can achieve by taking steps ahead in right direction.”

A childhood experience opened Siddharth eyes to the world of an entrepreneur. He recalls the incident saying “Entrepreneurship was there at the back of my mind from class 6 when unknowingly I started selling comic books for half the rate of a comic vala near my nani’s place eating up his customer base. But it was for fun at that time, later on I realized this is the path I need to choose. I think, I have potential much higher that what I am asked to do in a 9-5 job. 9-5 jobs get monotonous after sometime and entrepreneurship keeps putting you in different situation everyday which you need to tackle which we at AdVack find a bit interesting.”

Even though the idea behind AdVack is original and at the same time feasible, getting their concept across was a different story. “Biggest challenge for us was to make smart and intelligent people work with us. Still, we managed to get the work flowing and we have reached close to end of development. As of now, we have faced issues on technology fronts but yes one thing we have learnt is that if we keep that spark in ourselves, we can do anything possible on this earth with patience and progressing in right direction.” Says Siddharth.

The lessons that entrepreneurship has to teach are not lost on him. Many a seasoned veteran can find that an open mind is a useful tool. Siddharth comments on this saying “I feel that I am still an amateur entrepreneur and still learning and will continue to learn. Although, what I feel as a mistake is that we should be more strategised and more focused on our goal.”

“The idea of working for myself lies in my heart. We know we can make a good running lasting company providing values to customers. Even if I am wrong at it, I want to commit that mistake in the earliest years of my life so that I don’t have to regret later that I could have done this or I could have done that.”

By 2010 one can expect “Aayna” to hit Delhi and then all metros in India.

Like one would expect Siddharth is aiming big and the odds are AdVack will opening with flying colors 

Siddharth believes that as an entrepreneur the decisions one takes have no fixed outcome and advises “I would suggest listening to your heart. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Make as many mistakes as you can so that you can learn very fast. Keep the failures as stepping stones. That’s what I believe in.”

Siddharth and Advack will soon be the new wave in advertising, and our advice is to follow them suit. Yourstory wishes him success and strength for the days ahead.


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