Arshi Gupta & Dr. Arti Dhar, Co-founders, Élan Communications

Arshi Gupta’s young mind was brimming with ideas that were not only innovative, but also viable enough to culminate into lucrative business enterprise. Overcome by the idea to pioneer an initiative to step up communications and brand building, Gupta launched Élan Communications, a public relation agency that strives to identify, cultivate and strengthen its clients’ brand image by executing custom designed campaigns for the targeted audience. The firms’ excellent service in strategic counselling, research media relations, messaging and positioning public relations 2.0, content development, media monitoring, publicity, internal communications, issue management, special media events and public participation has helped it carve a niche in the industry.

Gupta’s foremost aim is to ensure that the enterprise provides advanced communications networks and supplies rich and meaningful service to clients across all verticals like consumer & lifestyle, corporate, finance and technology. “We specialise in healthcare communications and endeavour to bring together strategic, tactical and medical expertise to help our clients maximise the potential of their brand at every stage,” said Gupta.   

The firm promises to offer clients personalised attention and measurable impact with the help of a dedicated team which is committed to build the company’s reputation. “We charge clients only when we have achieved the desired outcome expected from the campaign we orchestrate,” Gupta asserted.

Even as a start up, the performance of the enterprise has been commendable. So much so that within the next 6-8 months we wish to expand our reach to other South East Asian regions with its unique offering in the healthcare domain. And like the entrepreneur rightly says, nothing can be more fulfilling than doing something one is passionate about. “I always wanted to do something of my own. The larger the company you work for the less are you able to get to the nuts and bolts of its operation. I wanted to explore opportunities and make space for myself in the market. It is this experience that makes all the difference,” she said when asked why she wanted to be an entrepreneur instead of opting for a regular 9-5 job.

Life an entrepreneur wasn’t all hunky dory for Gupta. When she set out with her goals and ambitions there were innumerable challenges facing, but she took each as an opportunity to move a step towards success. Founding a PR agency, as she says, was a challenge but an enjoyable one. The power of PR is underestimated by many organisations, and is still not considered an integral part of their marketing campaigns. It was probably this mental block that motivated Gupta to go head on convincing clients about the significance of a PR even more.  

However, Gupta admitted to committing a mistake by relying heavily on cold calling. “I learned from my mistakes and learned also never to repeat them,” she said adding that the company’s biggest achievement so far is its successful completion of one year and the fact that all its clients repose trust in the firm.

But it’s a wonder how despite so many hurdles entrepreneurs decide to stay buckled on to their venture. Gupta, who is no exception said, “So far, during my stint as an entrepreneur, there has never been a dull moment. Working for yourself is never really ‘working’ because you end up enjoying every single moment of it.”

Tips to budding entrepreneurs — If you are passionate about your ideas and are willing to pursue them, any time is a good time to start a business. Never let fear of failure enter your mind.