GoVasool to vasool even a single penny of your hard earned money!!!

You must have bargained until you ran breathless every time you went shopping for that dream product. Some nice retailers would have given you a little discount, others showing you the way to the door saying “Fixed Price". Ever imagined getting that dream product at never dreamt prices? That also at your door step without taking the sand on earth roaming here n there! Ever imagined bargaining your own price sitting from home? If your answer is NO, then GoVasool can make it all a YES for you. 

The growth story of Indian retail sector is not hidden from anyone. We have seen some extraordinary world class concepts emerging from our own land. Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and tempted by adding value and convenience to Indian Consumers is another unique concept called GoVasool.

Aditya and Srikanth left their cushy jobs abroad to foray into the world of entrepreneurship by starting GoVasool as they saw multitude of opportunities in India. GoVasool is the world's first local Group Shopping & Reverse Auction marketplace – here you can compare prices in city's best stores & transact via net, on mobile/telephone. Both the entrepreneurs believe that there is a huge potential in technology-enabled Indian retail and Indian consumers are looking for options that cater to their needs and bring real convenience to them. 

GoVasool is an attempt to provide that convenience. On, you can find the best, biggest & the most popular stores of your city selling your favourite products. You can either use the "Buy It Now" option or start a reverse auction (form a Group and then see the retailers bidding) for any product that you are looking to buy. Once a group has few members, various vendors start bidding for a lower price for that product, thus giving you the best deal possible. So at, you no more haggle with another shop keeper - they will compete with each other to get you and/or your group the best deal in the city!

In a gamut of websites providing products online, how does GoVasool differentiate itself from others? Aditya explains it for us. “Our target is NOT the narrow intersection of Internet users & those shoppers who have credit cards and are comfortable using them online – we believe that is a must have service that anyone who wants to shop will need to use. We are convenient, informative & accessible from everywhere – we are available via the internet and through our customer engagement/call centre today and will soon be available on the mobile platform. We offer innovative payment options including Online Payment using Credit/Debit Cards, Credit on delivery - by rolling out GPRS enabled EDC machines, Cash on delivery (supported by individual vendors) etc. And nowhere else will an individual consumer get access to bulk discounts with the product delivered at your doorsteps!

In a short span, GoVasool has become quite famous in Bangalore. And plans are to expand and have a presence in all the major cities in India. So what is it that brings smile after all the day’s work? “It’s little achievements of all the consumers using GoVasool”, says Srikanth. “Everyone who used our utility saved a lot of money & time at a high convenience level. We have seen our consumers breaking all stereotypical barriers impinged upon them and reaching out to make their own well informed decisions. ”  

When the world is going gaga over “Clean and Green Business initiatives”, it’s GoVasool which is implementing it in real. Not only you save your time, money, fuel and energy, you save yourself from getting stuck into the never ending jams on weekends, when you usually go out shopping. So its convenience at a cheaper cost!!!

As a testimony to the good work, GoVasool has been named by as one of the 15 most promising companies of 2009. They have also been selected by TIE Bangalore for its incubation program. Srikanth humbly acknowledges the accomplishment saying “I believe that Indians have the potential to build some of the world’s largest and most admired companies and entrepreneurship is a great way to unlock one’s true potential. I am inspired by the previous generation Indian entrepreneurs and I believe we have a responsibility to inspire more Indians to create their own destiny and that of the nation.”

With an aim of being a ubiquitous shopping utility for all Indians and expanding to newer geographies soon, the entrepreneurs leave a word of advice for the budding ones.

Aditya: Entrepreneurship cannot be taught and explained. It has to be experienced and each one of us will have to chart our own path. Hence, my only suggestion to other budding entrepreneurs would be to jump in and learn to swim! It’s a fantastic experience and it’s important to enjoy being an entrepreneur. There is nothing like being able to pursue your dream….. I can promise that the learning would be immense in this journey!

Srikanth: Entrepreneurship is like life. You have to make choices. Once you make your choice, you will learn everything you need to learn to become what you want to become. You’ll always have enough to think about and the time for it, so don’t sweat it out by over-doing it before making the choice to be an entrepreneur.

Hoping GoVasool will create new benchmarks in the online retail market, Yourstory wishes both the entrepreneurs a very good luck in all their endeavors.