Ms. Alzeyne Dehnugara, Individual Proprietor (Alzeyne)

“Fulfilling purposes”

Finding one’s purpose in life can take a lifetime for some, and for others it may never happen. The only similar thread which runs through all their stories is those who have found their purpose, have also discovered their path in life.

Ms. Alzeyne Dehnugara is one such entrepreneur who has found not just a great idea to turn into a venture, but her path in life.

She told us more about her work and her passion saying “I help people get in touch with themselves to know themselves better and to improve their quality of life through self awareness/development. In order to achieve the above goal I develop modules on various topics related to self awareness and development and facilitate workshops on these topics with NGOs, educational institutions etc.”

As an individual proprietor her position gives her more freedom than it ordinarily would. She discusses the range that she is free to explore saying “The scope of work is universal in nature in form of developing specific need based modules on topics of interest with bias towards self help and self development of individuals. All educational/ training institutions, NGOs and Corporates can benefit from my contribution.”

“With my educational background and training I am determined to help as many human beings as possible to enrich their life through developing modules and facilitating workshops pertaining to self awareness/ self development.”

“The workshops are usually interactive sessions that provoke thought, stimulate awareness-based change and enhance productivity.

Specific topics ranging from value education, etiquette, to identify and follow one’s work related passion and work life balance etc. Development and outright sale of specific need based modules to organizations for their use. I am also open to customizing modules for various organizations and institutions.” 

“Through active advertising or approaching Corporates, NGOs, Educational and Training Institutions with pre designed modules to support their requirements.” Alzeyne plans to take her initiative to a larger audience. 

Her realization that her life path differed from what she was doing brought about many changes in her. She says “After having worked as a research executive for a leading market research organization and putting in extraordinarily long hours of work and having gained rich experience I realized that there was an imbalance in my work life. That’s when I decided to establish work life balance for myself. This I could achieve by relinquishing my job and working for myself at my own pace and doing work that I enjoy doing rather than continue to do work that I was good at but did not enjoy.”

Her chief troubles were within and not without, a bit of soul searching revealed what she suspected all along. Alzeyne says “To identify an area of interest which would bring joy to me and add meaning to my work. I asked myself how I can contribute by adding value to people’s lives and that was the starting point for me. The answer to that question turned into my vision. And then setting goals to be achieved and implementation of the same was the next step.”

“So far fortunately I have not made any mistakes but it is taking me longer than envisioned to establish myself.”

She was gladdened that her only investment was of the intellectual kind, she says “Fortunately not much capital is required in my consultancy job as it entails mainly the use of my grey cells. Having commenced recently most of the time has been spent in developing various modules. I am an independent entrepreneur requiring hardly any supporting staff.”

She defines her own entrepreneurial approach by the aura she exudes. Alzeyne believes that she is most noticed for “The passionate approach towards my vision and belief and faith in myself”.

Her passion and her work have been recognized by “An award by Pathik Institute for having successfully completed a self determined challenging project of developing a module on value education, identifying a school and taking it through with students of the school within a span of 3 weeks.” 

Alzeyne has refined her philosophy for life, and work which she states saying “Identify what your work related passion is by asking yourself how you can add value to people through your work and pursue it rigorously without losing hope or faith in yourself, your vision or your goal.”

Yourstory wishes Alzeyne luck and riches while she gathers the satisfaction of a life well spent.