Bhairav Kothari, Founder, SuperCFO Services Pvt. Ltd.


“Professional Finances”

Knowledge and talent when it comes to finances is an integral part of an entrepreneur’s journey. However the financial ballgame can always use a bit of professional expertise especially when an entrepreneur is just beginning to grasp the full potential of his startup. Professional help can be found in many places but a SuperCFO is a hard entity to locate. Bhairav Kothari is an entrepreneur who provides such a service with his company SuperCFO Services ( )laying rest to your worries.

Bhairav explains the need for professional guidance saying “As a growth company, it is very important to have a good CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Companies in their early and growth stage (i.e. Startups and SME’s), do need quality inputs from an experienced CFO; but do not always need the CFO on a full-time basis. SuperCFO, India’s leading Virtual CFO services provider, provides CFO services to companies, right from their incubation days until they become a large Public Company.”

“We specialize and focus on providing CFO Services. Certain growth companies, prefer outsourcing their entire accounting function and we do undertake such assignments too when we are providing comprehensive Finance & Accounting Solution. We have assisted range of companies’ right from those still in their “Concept Stage” to rapid growth companies in raising IPO funds and becoming “Public Companies”. We have lot of expertise in working with Private Equity (PE) / Venture Capital (VC) funds and have assisted companies in setting up Systems, Processes and Corporate Governance, that a professional investor would expect. We have also handled crisis situations and have helped companies with drastic positive turnaround. Our services are generally utilized by Entrepreneurs who want to grow to the next level but do also get opportunities from PE/VC funds in assisting their investee companies.”

Their standards are top notch and their calling card is one of excellence. They are known for their -

  • Confidentiality: “Highest standards of Confidentiality.”
  • Performing Excellence: “We believe in performing and executing various assignments for the company instead of plain advises. And strive nothing less than excellence in the same.”
  • CFO and not a consultant:” Once engaged, we act as CFO of the company and even carry the visiting card of the company as their CFO. For all practical purposes we are the CFO of the company.”
  • Business Model: “We have 3 distinct CFO Services Model”.
  1. Virtual CFO: “Here the CFO is engaged as a CFO of the company on retainer basis. Engagement levels can be as low as 2 hours a week and as high as 35 hours a week.
  2. Interim CFO: “Under this model, it is assumed that the company does need a full time CFO but is in the process of identifying a new CFO. We step in, and assist the company with key aspects, until they find the perfect New Full Time CFO.”
  3. Special Purpose CFO: “Certain projects and assignments are best accomplished when driven by a CFO. Under this model we provide project based services in helping the company and/or their existing CFO with execution of special projects – be it Due Diligence, IFRS transition, Restructuring or Fund Raising.”

Bhairav believes that the growth of his company depends on how well they can connect with others. He says “We are looking at building the company primarily organically, but would definitely consider certain strategic partnerships and acquisition opportunities with synergistic service offerings.”

Bhairav, who is a chartered accountant by education and CFO by professional experience explains why he chose to utilize his skill in a more entrepreneurial capacity saying “The entrepreneur in me was getting restless and so had to make the switch. When I started the company I had a lot of people questioning me if this concept of having a CFO who is not an employee would work? The question has now been answered with multiple successful engagements.”

“I started the company as a one man army. Today we are an 8 member team (including 4 CFO’s) and with presence in Mumbai and Pune. Our focus is on high end services, and hence do not need lot of employees, but need good quality entrepreneurial CFO’s and a smart energetic support team.”

SuperCFO has been making profits from their first year of operations but Bhairav prefers to keep a low profile for the moment. He explains his reticence saying “Yes. We have been very well rewarded by our clients. As for other recognitions, we consciously stayed away from attention over the past few months while we were building this unique service model.”

“Building a great Success Story.” is the biggest incentive for Bhairav’s continued and unflagging entrepreneurial zeal. As an entrepreneur who has a highly specialized portfolio, he understands the pitfalls of his chosen occupation, but he likes to only focus on the enormous opportunity that lies ahead. When quizzed on what tips will he like to give young entrepreneurs, he says, "that dreams can be fulfilled only if the motivation is correct" and voices his opinion saying “Quit your job to become an entrepreneur only when you really want to be an entrepreneur. Don’t force entrepreneurship just because you want to quit the job. And once you have decided to become an entrepreneur put in all your efforts, energy and undivided attention. Results will automatically follow.”

Yourstory hopes that Bhairav and SuperCFO see more super success coming their way.


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