Internship Madness Fiesta by Let me Know


Let Me Know (, an exclusive student portal connecting students across India with the best opportunities , is running "Internship Madness Fiesta", a month long Internship Festival to connect the students and Start-ups/Established firms starting October 10th. During this month long festival, we will be populating our portal with internship opportunities heavily.  

This initiative is a win-win situation for both the Start-ups/Established firms who are looking for Interns and the students who want to gain the invaluable experience through an Internship. During this month long festival we welcome active participation from the Start-ups/Established firms & Students across India.Users, who suggest the highest number of opportunities, will be featured on the portal and will be rewarded with Let Me Know goodies.

The inspiration behind this initiative is our strong belief that every student needs a practical exposure to add the real sense to Education and apply what he/she learns.

It's not the lack of opportunities , but the lack of connectivity. We kindly request you to help us Break The Information barrier . We would be really thank full to you , if you please help us in spreading the word across , so that this initiative reaches many students & start-ups/Established firms across India. 

Brief Profile:

Let Me Know is a unique portal that helps students across the country find opportunities of various kinds - internships, workshops, seminars, conferences, tech-fests, literary events and much more. We assimilate content through contributions from event organizers and from efforts of a dedicated university-based student team, and have posted over 1400 opportunities till date.

Let Me Know is the first effort of its kind to achieve scale in sharing opportunities with the Indian youth. Based on an idea presented by Founder, Nitin Rao, at the London Business School in 2007, a prototype ( was founded in November 2007, and succeeded in connecting thousands of young Indians to opportunities. We partner with students across Indian Universities, Think Change India - a leading blog on social innovation - as well as Engineers for Social Impact, our sister organization.