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Finding a job immediately out of college is every fresher’s dream. The initial expectations of a young graduate often diminish once reality sets in. Joby Joseph our entrepreneur in question took 10 months to find a job in 1999. His arduous journey towards finding a job convinced him that someone had to help others like him. A benevolent gesture begun through Joby’s efforts resulted in “Freshers world” a website for job seeking youth.

Joby spoke to Yourstory and related how his journey began saying “I searched for a job for 10 months before I found one and decided that I will make this process easy for fresher’s by providing more information and resources. Hence I left my full time job to concentrate on

His decision to work on his pet project full time has seen enviable results. Joby gave us the statistics on their reach saying “ is the number #1 online recruitment portal for freshers with respect to traffic. was launched in 2000 and since then has helped more than 50,000 freshers find jobs and more than 4000 recruiters find talent. With more than 25 Million page views a month, offers advertisers innovative ad formats.”

“With resources like placement papers, online directories, interview preparation tips, sample test papers and more, is a household name among freshers.” recently launched the Career Networking platform bringing both the freshers and recruiters on a level playing field. With social features, Career Networking makes it easier to find jobs and share knowledge and information.”

“About 75 % of the total Indian Engineering graduate base use to find jobs. adds more than 2000 new members a day. Slowly, freshers from other streams have also started using”

The method of operation is something that Joby holds dear to his heart when asked what he values most, Joby replies without hesitation, “Ethics… does not charge recruiters. This means that job posting and resume search for recruiters is absolutely free. makes money from online advertising and branding campaigns and also charges a very small amount from students who are premium members. Premium members have more chance for finding jobs as only they can apply to premium jobs.”

“Freshers World ensures that there is no misuse of data and allows only authorized personal to post jobs. Data integrity is of importance when you run companies that store personal information of students. Malpractice is prevalent where people pose as recruiters and try to amass personal information of fresh graduates. All the jobs that are posted are relevant and free. There is no job posting fee unlike other companies and revenue is solely from advertising and other partnerships. Also updated are sample questions, previous question papers and other technical resources that help students. This section is what fresh graduates love most.”

Their adherence to ethics does not mean that Joby has no grasp on monetary matters. His future plans involve making money without selling out on his users. He says “ is slowly setting up a sales team to sell most of its unsold ad inventory and also marketing teams to reach freshers directly through campaigns in colleges. will also approach “corporates” directly with branding /recruitment services and will also help colleges in the placements.”

The resounding success that is Freshers world had a few hiccups with attaining self reliance but Joby’s innovative thinking won the day. He says “ already had its goodwill built among Fresh Engineers. The biggest challenge we faced was in getting a regular set of “corporates” to recruit freshers and advertisers to pay us. By cautiously serving customized solutions for the first set of customers, we could grab the confidence among recruiters & advertisers. The time & cost advantage we provided to our first set of clients keeps getting us regular business there after.”

Joby always identified innovative ways of ‘No Money Marketing’ and hence never spend any money on marketing for the site and left it to grow on its own organically by word of mouth. Joby has a ready answer when whenever the question of achievement pops up, he answers “Having helped more than 50,000 freshers find jobs. The Freshers community has already accepted as their No.1 portal for Jobs & Career. The brand & good will that we enjoy among freshers without any real marketing spend is our biggest achievement.”

Joby has structured his future goals and strategies in keeping with the beat of his chosen platform. He explains “How a person uses the internet has changed dramatically over the past few years with the advent of social networking portals and other social media tools. Everyone today is trying to create beneficial relationships online and we believe job hunting can also become easier if you have a strong online network.”

“Going forward, Freshers World aims to be the one stop shop provider for recruitment needs of companies and can significantly reduce recruitment costs incurred by companies. Freshers World also aims to cater to other industries apart from the IT industry in the near future.”

Joby has single handedly given many their first break in life and his advice is one that has value. He advises his peers looking to make their own entrepreneurial success story saying “In today’s world, only the execution matters and not the ideas. Hence be ready to take up challenges and plunge into it.”

Yourstory wishes Joby success and strength with providing for fresher’s across India. The blessings of those he helped employ and our best wishes will always be with Joby and his entrepreneurial abilities.


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