Sumit Chandra, Founder,


“Making a living making jobs”  

Most startups suffer from a lack of talent. It is not that the talent pool has shrunk or that they cannot afford them, it’s a case of not having the right catalyst to introduce the start up to its work force. Sumit Chandra has found his special skill set in an already specialized field of recruiters. The Young Entrepreneur told us about his maiden venture and the nuances of his recently created brainchild, he says “MakeMyJob is a specialized talent search company with core competency into niche technology recruitments. In other words, we are a corporate matchmaker, placing highly intellectual candidates with the organizations that need them. We are working with emerging, innovative & cutting edge technology companies in the products space and acquired rich experience in handling specific domain requisitions.”

 “Our working methodology & interest lies in product start-ups/VC funded companies where the recruitment is absolutely niche filled with challenges & passion. We have specialized services which makes us a one stop shop for any company, be it in incubation mode or large MNC to hire the kind of people they are looking for, thus cutting down on the recruitment cycles & focus on there core products.”

Sumit defines their range as “Building a platform which helps highly skilled technology candidates to map careers with their interest & skills.” His goal is to “Setup an exchange platform to provide information and statistics on work opportunities and culture in India for nationals working overseas.”

The out of the box approach to their target market and its definition has made Sumit’s concept one to watch out for. He says “MakeMyJob’s unique approach in understanding precise staffing requirements makes it a cutting edge tool in hiring critical searches. Extensive working experience with the Emerging, Innovative and Cutting-edge technology companies in India like Product Start-ups, Product MNC’s & VC Funded/Private equity companies. Thorough research and accurate mapping of interests of both, our clients, as well as, our candidates, is what sets us apart. Our web-enabled recruitment technology and impeccable search methodologies acts as a differentiator in acquiring niche candidates.

Rich Experience in handling specific domain requisitions.”

“We are a company which believes in increasing our revenues by improving the per person productivity, thus we are currently focusing on building a robust technology which helps us in meeting our commitments towards our customer base. Apart from this, we are also looking to build other domain specific recruitment solutions in the near future.” 

Sumit is not one for routines but ascribes it to having opened his eyes to possibilities. He explains himself saying “9 to 5 job was just like a daily routine to me with no excitement & satisfaction. The idea of starting a venture was troubling me since long, due to other commitments & priorities I left the idea. In fact I played an "intra-preneurial" role in establishing one of the business unit for my previous organization. One fine day, I make up my mind & started thinking of running my own venture and it clicked successfully.

It gives me immense pleasure to run my own technology recruitment firm and makes me more responsible for shaping the career of umpteen candidates.”

As strange as it seems the recruiters of talent for startups had trouble recruiting for their own initial team. Sumit candidly bares the facts saying “Recruitment firm runs on intellectual minds who understand the industry and needs. So building a team initially was a challenge considering the fact that we were small with no flashy office and more so convincing folks to leave their respective highly paid jobs and join us. But we overcome these challenges by engaging people in discussion over a period of time and explaining the benefits in our kind of set up in the long run.”

“We had issues with our portfolio of customers as we were looking to work only with a particular set of companies to give a specialized focus which we later realized that it is not the ideal way to run this model as the hiring freeze in these companies would result in a gap in revenue flows. Thus we strengthen our portfolio with a mix of different set of companies.”


“Makemyjob” is currently “Working with Fortune 500 clients on their critical searches.” Sumit says “We are working on exclusive searches for the leading internet giants.”

He is proud that they have been able to build entire technology teams for startups from the first member to the last.”

He says “We are interested in building a healthy environment to our team members which helps them to keep motivated and improves efficiency. Other factors are listed below:

Eagerness to learn different things.


Idea of success & leadership

Expanding company from scratch

Building world class recruitment solutions

Robust candidate database management system”

Sumit has undoubtedly just scratched the tip of the recruitment iceberg and Yourstory is sure that his entrepreneurial passion will see them move into bigger markets. He shared what he believes are essentials to making a venture successful and says “Live your dreams & catch the attention of your customers with your unique value propositions. Planning, Execution & Growth to be measured very strictly, timelines & target plays an important role in expansion of your business.”


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