Suresh Paryani, Founder, BigHelp Executive Assistant Services

Sometimes occasions arise where we have no time to manage the events in our life, we end up wishing there was someone who could lighten the burden. Responsibilities towards family and work life end up competing for space and time. It is something we have all gone through where we wished we had someone reliable to give us a helping hand. Some are lucky and have people who can be called upon, while others have to make the best of what they had. That lasted till Suresh Paryani had an epiphany.

BigHelp Executive Assistant Service Pvt. Ltd is a brainchild of Suresh who is a professional with 15 years of experience in Real Estate and Event Management. His experiences have been put to good use in the birth of India’s first assistance service.

Suresh went through a harrowing experience when he got married. He had to organize his marriage from A to Z, while running around in a frenzy to manage everything. He had to face the same situation while organizing his brother’s marriage. This led him to think over what could be done to make life easier and that led to the birth of “BigHelp”.

He explains how his entrepreneurial concept works saying “BigHelp is India’s First Personal Assistant Service that helps you to focus on what you do best and leave the rest to your very own personal assistant.”

“BigHelp Executive Assistant Services Pvt. Ltd is a startup company with a vision to become India’s best and the largest personal assistant services company. Bighelp is already planning a roadmap of expansion. We will very shortly set up offices in major metro cities in India and in future would take the service to many parts of the world.” Bighelp is in talks with Angel Investors and VC’s for its expansion and soon will close on few. The Target Turnover of Bighelp only form Mumbai City will be close to 9 crores in 3 years.

Suresh told us what their services encompass saying “BigHelp is the first company in India to come up with the much needed help of a personal assistant service on call. This is the easiest way possible… just pickup the phone and leave a brief with your very own personal assistant. Then, relax and await a quick response on the work given by you. We assure you of the best possible service and leave you free to focus on more important aspects of life.”


BigHelp is focused on providing personal assistant services to individuals who feel that they are struggling for time. This service will appeal more to individuals who have staff working for them but also are looking for a “Bighelp” in managing both their personal as well as their professional lives. Startup’s, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Working women, Traveling Businesspeople, Senior Retired Officers, Expats, etc. can get “BigHelp” and really make a difference to their lives.

The concept is simple and efficient and he breaks it down for us explaining “The basic method is quite simple, you just register with the company and pay an affordable amount every month and you get a personal assistant who is just a phone call away.”

Suresh believes that time is money and has converted that into his selling point, he says “Ultimately, time is the most valuable, nonrenewable resource that we have. Big help is striving to empower Individuals to help manage the two most important things in Life - Time and Money.”

Yourstory asked Suresh what they can do for their clients and he replies saying “BigHelp has a nearly endless list of services but the top ones are indicated for now for you to think what suits your needs. Of course, you may place any request with us and not necessarily only the ones listed here. If it is feasible, we will do it.”

It seems that there is nothing that they will not do for their clients within the bounds of reason. Yourstory is sure that many of our readers will be very interested in their services and have listed our top ten picks below.

1.    Paying Bills telephone, Gas, Electricity, Mobile, Cheque Deposits Etc

2.    Book Railway tickets Air tickets and hotels (only in India) (Through your preferred Travel agency/ or ours)

3.    Coordinating small, but important Events like [Birthday, Anniversary etc]

4.     Arrange House help/ handyman/hired help/Pick Up/ drop/ special deliveries

5.    Emergency assistance, like ambulance, doctor on call

6.    Assistance in LIC, follow-ups, premium due reminders, documentation.

7.    Special Purchases which entail research/Interviews

8.    Assistance in organizing Conferences, event management, etc.

9.    Detective Services

10. Publishers & Printers

The list is quite literally endless and Suresh certainly has proved that the simple ideas are the best. Those of us who are pressed for time will undoubtedly appreciate their excellent services. Yourstory thanks Suresh for his “Time” seeing as how it is his most valuable commodity and wishes that he is never without “Big Help”.