Vishal Bisht, Founder, Marksman Technologies Pvt Ltd

An aeronautical engineer with his sights on conquering the skies, Vishal Bisht aims to refurbish the e-learning segment by providing customised products to corporate firms as well as institutions of higher education. His company, Marksman Technologies Pvt Ltd, is on the fast track to adapting technology for learning and understanding, and converting it into real-time problem-solving tools.

Marksman Technologies deals in custom end-to-end learning applications and customised product development. The company’s main strength, according to founder-director Bisht, is formed by the innovative technology and real-time solutions it offers.

The company, which functions with a ‘software as a service’ model, is active in the areas of RIA solutions; consultation for Agile, Java, Cloud, service-oriented architecture, SCORMs, open-source and e-learning software; content development; and custom solutions for open-source software.

Marksman Technologies adopts new methods and frameworks as per industry requirements. However, its main contribution till date, Bisht says, has been towards fresh engineering graduates, many of whom have moved on to bigger positions after working with the company for some time. “The same goes for our clients. We have provided consultation and development services to many big players, who are doing well in their respective businesses,” Bisht says.

However, beginning his own venture was not easy for Bisht, who established Marksman Technologies in January 2008. “I had never done something by myself earlier; but it’s happened now. It’s now impossible for me to think about any other job,” said Bisht, whose mission is to build his company as a global brand of e-learning applications and solutions.

The company faced some initial difficulties, including not developing products on time; but is has overcome the challenges of every day and gone from strength to strength. Though Marksman Technologies has just one branch with 20 employees, it functions on the global stage. And its aim for the year 2010 is to provide a virtual platform for knowledge sharing, says Bisht, CEO and MD of Marksman Technologies. “We have developed our first product, which is in its first stage. But I think we have the potential to become the only place for knowledge sharing,” he says.

This entrepreneur’s only mission now is to further his company, his passion. He avers: “Ask exactly what you want to do, and when you find an answer, stick to it and work hard.” wishes Marksman Technologies and Bisht, who believes that there is no shortcut to success, the best in all endeavours.


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