Ankush Modawal, Founder/Author, 2Dawns Publishings


“Writing and empowerment”

Life shapes and defines who we become with its ups and downs. However it is our outlook and attitude that determines whether these experiences are used as learning lessons or not. Ankush Modawal has seen and experienced the bumps that life places along our way, and has emerged enriched by it all. The founder of “2Dawns Publishings” is also an author, and entrepreneur. He was not reticent when we enquired about how he was inspired to chase his dreams. Ankush replied with honesty while candidly relating his personal story of inspiration.

“Since childhood, happiness to me has always been an elusive thing. I grew up in a family where my father was an alcoholic. My earliest memories are filled with gloom and darkness indescribable. We were bankrupt for so long that we were ‘alright with it now and accepted it as the way of life.”

“I met and made my first girl friend when I was pursuing a creative writing course from British Council. There was a lot of resistance from her parents so it was of the essence that I start earning ASAP. After a failed attempt in CAT, I began my MBA from IIPM and my aim in life had become to secure a decent paying job. At those times, all my plans, ambition and goals had taken a backseat.”

“Although, shortly after joining the college, I found out that she was cheating on me. Even after that, I still loved her and wanted to be with her but things degraded to a point where we stopped talking to each other.”

“That was the turning point in my life. I realized that I couldn't have done all this suffering just to be beaten like this. Life seems to have beaten me. But a voice inside me kept saying, “When you are going through Hell, keep going.”Then one day, I started reading a book which I had picked up from a bookstore but wasn’t in the right frame of mind to read it earlier.”

“When I read it, I could not stop crying. For the first time in my life, I cried tears of pure joy. I had found my best friend, a teacher, a mentor and a life partner in that book. That book completely changed me and little by little, my life began to shift itself. Small miracles started happening and I understood for the first time what ACTUALLY life is about. “

“Then one day, I realized if one book can change a life of a person who was contemplating suicide, just imagine what would 1 million books do? But when I got down to knowing the prehistoric state of the Indian publishing industry, I decided that I would publish my book myself to help as many people as I can and that day, 2Dawns Publishing was born.”

His dream was realized and became reality in the form of three self-penned books. The positive thinking and techniques he has discovered on his quest to emancipate himself are there for all to read. He spoke about his first two books “Black Book I and II” which deal with Self Empowerment saying “Black Book teaches how each and every one of us is in charge of our life’s destiny. It teaches how to ATTRACT and CREATE whatever your dreams are. It reacquaints us with the power that we are all born in.

His third creation titled “Blue Book” is described as falling into the genre of “Dark Comic Fiction/Reality”. He explained what this book is about saying “It is my own personal journey through life since the last 5 years. It includes how my life changed when it encountered my first girlfriend, alcohol, the education system in India, IIPM and much more.”

His entry into publishing and writing has made him aware of certain truths about entrepreneurship and true passion. He says “I think money is the by product that comes from following your passions. If you wakeup every morning, with the feeling of ‘I can’t wait to work,’ in your stomach, ANY person in ANY industry is bound to be a success. But you have to have an unbending belief in yourself, the market and the industry.”


Ankush is not one to stop and admire his handiwork. Despite all that he has achieved he still believes that he can do more. He spoke of what the coming future holds for him saying “This is my passion and addiction. I will never stop.”

“Right now the scale of operation is very small because I need to juggle and multi task between a lots of things. Blue Book has been proposed by Arindam Chaudhuri to be a movie. The distribution will be both nationalized and internationalized.”

“I have already announced my 4th book, i.e: Golden Book. It is about the unknown wealth creation rules used by the ancients to literally attract massive amount of money in to their lives.”

Ankush is the kind of Entrepreneur who leads by example. His determination is apparent in his life story and how he chose to be his own publisher creating a platform for his work.

Yourstory salutes his “never say die” spirit and commends him on his achievements. We are certain many will benefit from his ventures and his books and wish him success in achieving his goals.