Entrepreneur Gaurav Mittal led ITCONS will introduce Intelligent concept search based on Semantics Technology for Recruitment Industry


Entrepreneur Gaurav Mittal led ITCONS will introduce Intelligent concept Search based on Semantics Technology in January 2010, a first of its kind in India. Current product portfolio of ITCONS comprises of SaaS based Online Resume Parser & Applicant Tracking System.

While the international markets are talking about Monster.com’s recent launch of Power Resume Search based on semantics (a technology which helps scan resumes and job openings for better matching) in the US provided by a company called Trovix, which was acquired by Monster or a cash prize of $72.5 millions last year. Delhi based entrepreneur Gaurav is set to launch prototype of ICS (Intelligent Concept Search) in January ‘2010, which is similar to one provided by Trovix.ICS will work with any Online Job Portals/ with any ATS/ HR applications of any company to provide advanced searching and matching capabilities between a source document and candidates. The source document can be a resume of a candidate, JD (Job description) or even free text.

When a keyword search finds a keyword, it only knows that it found a matching word. It does not know what the word means, or what context it was found in, or what values can be ascribed to the keyword. On the other hand, when the ICS will find a keyword, it will then evaluate all of the relevant criteria based on artificial intelligence provided to determine if the keyword is a correct match or a false positive (a false positive is an apparent match, which only a human brain can find it to be a false match because the meaning was different than what the intended search); ICS will investigate the context, values and meaning of the keyword to evaluate whether the keyword is an actual match or just a false positive. In addition, the ICS will provide powerful pinpoint search capabilities to recruiters to perform interactive searches. In other words, first a concept extraction and classification engine breaks the document down into key concepts and the relationships that exist between these concepts.

Use resumes /CVs as source document:

In some cases, a resume (irrespective of the resume format; doc, docx, rtf, PDF, HTML or text etc) of an existing employee or of an “ideal candidate” in database may be a good source document to use for finding similar candidates. The ICS will use resumes/CVs in a structured text converted by ITCONS resume parser.

Use job description as source document:

Job description, in structured text form (converted by our parser from various formats like doc, docx, rtf, PDF, HTML or text etc) can be used as source documents for the ICS.

Traditional Search Approach

Almost all the worldwide available online Job portals/ ATS (Applicant Tracking system) are providing candidate searching and matching capabilities around the concept of matching keywords are incapable of finding exact candidates matching the requirements. Searching full-text documents (like resumes or job requisitions) with the current search technology can lead to erroneous and sub-optimal results. On a basic level, most search engines will not recognize misspelled words, abbreviations, concatenated words, missing spaces or varying word order. In addition, most search engines will yield redundant and non-related results for words that have multiple meanings, unless a search engine understands the true hierarchical relationships between universes of concepts. In the context of recruiting, the challenge for search technologies is further complicated because users often do not know exactly what they are looking for until outcomes are experienced.

ICS based Search Approach

ICS addresses all of the above problems by using a set of tightly integrated technologies that combine automatic concept extraction/matching from text, a powerful Artificial Intelligence based search engine, and a collaborative user preference learning engine to provide highly accurate and personalized search results. It normalizes textual input into a meta-representation (based on set of rules) consisting of concepts and relationships between concepts, into a knowledge base. It then normalizes the search query into the same meta representation to find matching items.

Indian market is more then waiting for an intelligent resume search engine which will benefit not only the prospective employers but all the genuine job seekers who are looking at connecting with right companies.

YourStory spoke to Gaurav and the young entrepreneur said, “We at ITCONS are passionate in our endeavors and want to bring a paradigm shift in how employment search is done in the country.”

In this killing competition time, Looks like Indian Job portals will have no other option but to integrate ICS like product with their Job-boards to provide better search and matching capabilities, should they want to have competitive edge. 

We wish this young entrepreneur many more successes and hope he continues to innovate in the Indian product technology space.


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