Neha Chhabria, Legacy Entrepreneur, Sleepins Apparels Pvt Ltd


“In the business of Sleep”

A vast percentage of human life is spent sleeping. The rejuvenating properties of sleep are second to none. It is no surprise that the business of sleep has attracted many to find their forte within the “Sandman’s” domain. The right apparel can be surprisingly conducive to sleep and that fact is not lost on Neha Chhabria. She is a second generation entrepreneur who is continuing her father’s work.

The Young Entrepreneur told us what it means to her to continue her fathers legacy and what Sleepins Apparels Pvt Ltd is all about. Neha says “Sleepins Apparels Pvt Ltd was established by, Mr. Kishor Chhabria (CMD), my father, who launched the brand ‘Sleepins’ nationally in 2002. It’s been a family venture where each of us had a different role to play, taking care of a different domain. I have been with the company since 2003-present.”

”Sleepins manufactures and retails sleepwear…. Where each design has been crafted with perfection and style, keeping in mind the comfort level which is the most important aspect, a customer looks for. The fabrics used are cottons, satins, georgettes and jerseys, in an array of colors. We provide a different palette for every season, with change in detailing and trims.”

“Sleepins Apparels Pvt Ltd launched another brand ‘Bia’, corporate dressing for women, in December 2006. ‘Bia’ took care of clothing for working women which comprised of shirts, trousers, jackets, skirts, tees, kurtas, casual tops, cargos etc. There are other sub brands to Sleepins that houses high end sleepwear, menswear, kids wear and an economical mass market range.”  

Neha’s expertise in Fashion designing is a far cry from entrepreneurship but her role and responsibilities reveal a link between the two. She says “It’s so much more interesting…And being in the field of fashion, there is so much you can experiment with. The decisions and responsibilities are all yours. Growth is in your hands…”

“Everyday has been a challenge and a test…And seeing the company where it is today…Is the answer to all the difficulties faced.”

Her expertise with fashion has been hard earned and the results prove that her tenacity has been worthwhile. She says “Received 2 awards from ‘The School of Fashion Technology, one for the best collection on ramp and second for the best ornamented collection. This surely meant a lot as it there were sleepless nights along with a good percentage of hard work put in.”

Like a true entrepreneur who has learned to turn every adversity into a stepping stone to success, Neha sees lessons everywhere. She speaks of setbacks she encountered saying “Don’t remember one in particular, have made some…and each has been a learning lesson and climbing step to success…a teacher in its own way.”

With a Head Office and 1 production unit in Pune “Sleepin” is looking to expand. They are setting up another production unit in Baramati’s Textile Park. Their products can be found in 15 retail stores across the country and some M.B.O’s. Neha is immersed in making a difference to the brand and it shows in her stance towards what she considers as her biggest achievement. “To be a key member in the growth of the company and bring it to its existing position.” says Neha.

Sleepins has been awarded and recognized as the best sleepwear brand in the country. This by no means signifies that it has been a smooth journey for Neha who has felt the downside of entrepreneurship. She explained the negativity that can afflict one saying “Yes, it’s happened, sometimes when you’re solely responsible for issues that have occurred…But when you go back and think about the accomplishments, recognition, position you are in and the satisfaction you’ve got with all that you have done…the giving up factor just vanishes.”

“It’s the interest and dedication you have and the responsibilities you shoulder, that don’t let you move away from your work. I enjoy every bit of what I’m doing. It gives me the freedom to explore and shape things the way I want to see them. And design is one field where you cannot have limitations and cannot be tied down to move in one direction. Your creativity needs to flow where you experiment and get newer results each time.”

The next year will see a lot of slumber lovers being treated to new developments at Sleepin. Nehas reveals their plans saying “We will be giving Sleepins Apparels Pvt Ltd a facelift from the coming season. Stores interiors, brand logo, designs etc each will be redesigned.”   

Neha channeled the experience and wisdom that her legacy affords her to guide like-minded individuals saying “If you have it in you…..just get down to exploring. Everything seems difficult in the beginning, but each barrier you cross takes you closer to the prospect, making you stronger and making it more and more simpler. Believe in hard work and dedication and your half way there. You will feel like giving up many a times, but that’s when you need to hold on, look into the problems face to face and say, you cannot be bigger than me, I sure can defeat you. And you’ve done it.”

Yourstory wishes Neha success and strength with continuing and expanding her fathers’ legacy. We are sure her designs and hard work will have us all enjoying a good night’s sleep J



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