The north zone finals of Lock-Sock-Trade 2009 at IMT Ghaziabad


The north zone finals of Lock-Sock-Trade 2009 was successfully conducted recently at IMT Ghaziabad. With eight startups and 300 investors in fray, the event was organized on a magnificent scale.

Eight teams had been working hard for over a month to study and analyze business model of their respective allocated ventures. Start-ups allocated were from diverse domains like education, IT services, mobile banking, web services etc.


All the teams presented their value proposition aimed at launching a mock IPO of their respective startups. About three hundred student investors valued the companies by interacting with the startups and attending the presentations. Later they bid for startups in order to maximise their portfolio of Rs.50,000 virtual money.


A simulation software was used for deciding the winners by Dutch auction process.

There were two winning teams -

  • Winner by Maximum Market Capitalization - Startup LIQVID - Team Holy Cow(Kumar Anchit,Dhrubojyoti Sinha and Kaushik Debnath)
  • Winner by Jury's choice - Startup RouteGuru - Team Anagrams(Suchit Mathur, Shubham Goel and Sugandha Sherwal)

The winning teams will go to the final round of event being organized at S.P. Jain, where they will compete with the winning teams from South, West and East Zone at an all India level.

Chief Guest Mr Hitesh Oberoi, co-founder shared his valuable insights about the dos and donts of online business model in a developing economy like India.


CEOs and representatives of the startups graced the event and were very enthused by the response to their teams.

The event was very well supported by the sponsors - micro, small and medium enterprises(MSME) foundation, Tata McGrawHill Education, Cellstrat,Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation(SEAA), Connect2Mba,Corposhiksha and


Participants found it a very enriching experience to be part of this analysis and study. Startups involved in this event found it a helpful interacting with student managers and finding a new view on their business model. Investors were benefitted with the experience of a real IPO that happens on the other side of Dalal Street.

All in all, great learning experience for all.


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