A unique Bplan Competition: KREATE'10


Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, www.seaastandards.org India's first global quality benchmarking advisory and facilitation agency with a track record having brought all the Top Six International Accrediting agencies on a single platform for the first time in the world in India, the first B to B B-School networking company www.connect2mba.com and India's first education company on second life and the most vigorous ideas start up with global track record www.myideasinfinite.com together throw India's first future B-Schools Challenge in the country. 

It is a Business Plan Competition like no other! A competition that helps you build your own B-school of the future. The winning team will be assisted by SEAA to realize its dream with the best international campus associations and help in locating the millions that would be needed to set shop.

Kreate’10 is to create awareness among the students about the urgent need to create schools that can withstand global

completion in the immediate neighborhood and also build Indian brand of international B- schools.

Dream up a great school, a school in which you would rather study or one where your sister or brother would go to!

It is the B-school of the Future, a world class Indian B-school!

First Prize - Rs 20,000 Cash + Certificates

Second Prize - Rs 10,000 Cash + Certificates

Top 10 entries would be awarded certificate of appreciation

For rules and regulations, please check the attached file.

Kindly register your team for the challenge Here

For further details, write to us at :

bplan@connect2mba.com or Contact : Ankur Jain ( +91-99711696772), Check Connect2MBA


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