Achin Kansal, Founder, AdRunIndia


Marketing Guru Phillip Kotler would definitely give a high thumps up to what Achin Kansal has managed to do. Kansal, a young entrepreneur is the co-founder of the media and marketing company called AdRunINDIA. This budding entrepreneur is actually crusading against the notion -“only the conventional works’.AdRunINDIA is in the business of Guerilla Marketing. AdRunINDIA is a self-funded Out-Of-Home advertising company that uses the concept of advertising on vehicles. “We provide a low cost advertising solution with high degree of impact on customers and great recall value for brands” says Kansal. The company uses Vinyl to wrap vehicles with advertisements. “Vinyl is highly attractive, durable and a cost effective material” says Kansal about Vinyl.

Kansal and his Partner want AdRunINDIA to be a company that brings about a paradigm shift in the way unconventional media is viewed by companies. With the current market scene, companies now need more accountability on their marketing investment and thus expensive conventional media is now being replaced by unconventional ones like the one that is offered by AdRunINDIA.

AdRunINDIA provides a very good platform for small and medium size companies to advertise for their products or services. The sheer volume of eye balls that view their ads has made work easy for AdRunINDIA and profitable for its clients.

The young entrepreneur believes that what makes his company’s offering different from the competitors is the high amount of recall value. Kansal tell us “In today’s market the traditional media are struggling to create an impact on the buyer’s mind. The buyer’s mind is cluttered and she cannot connect a product to its advertising but AdRunINDIA scores one over these traditional mediums because of its almost ubiquitous location and unusual placement.”

“A customer always likes to pay attention to something that is different and unusual rather than something that is just plain conventional. Every brand wants to stand out among the crowd and be noticed and this is exactly what we want to capitalize upon. Catch the customer while on the move.” adds Kansal.

Kansal’s mission is to make this new medium more popular among advertisers. This according to him is his biggest challenge right now.

Bill Gates and his father, who is also a businessman, have been his inspiration in his entrepreneurial journey. The desire to start a business venture all by himself was one of the reasons why he chose to become an entrepreneur. “Mistakes are actually necessary as they teach a lot of lessons” rues Kansal on a rather philosophical note.

He’s also had his share of problems. “Indian laws, low capital, unhealthy business environment & lack of motivational support from the peers and similar other big and small problems have been around to make sure that the entrepreneurial journey was not a piece of cake” quips Kansal. But he has been committed on his entrepreneurial path and considers it a big achievement.

Kansal and his company have been a good growth trajectory. AdRunINDIA was selected as one of the most promising startups in India by Global Thoughts Camp. Kansal has also been interviewed by numerous other business portals and startup magazines.

Kansal says he has really enjoyed his journey so far and has never felt the urge to take up a 9-to-5 job. His advice to other budding entrepreneurs is rather very simple. Cultivate your idea. Grow it the way a farmer grows crops and you’re surely reap benefits. wishes Kansal and his Company all the very best for the future.