Ana Nacvalovaite, Founder, Lotus of Hope,United States

What is it about wonderful India that we all love? Too many things to mention. Too little time to talk about the splendors and history of this vast country. Despite it all, there still are many people in need, who want to excel, but to not have the means and are not given a chance to get schooled and fulfill their dreams. 

Ana Nacvalovaite has provided comfort to shantytown's youngest residents in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Her next project with the Lotus of Hope is set on India's children. She has the energy, the will and the determination to make a difference.

Lotus of Hope was founded by a Ana Nacvalovaite in Manhattan, but the idea was born years back at Oxford University, where one night after a lecture on social responsibility Ana just asked, why not? She smiles when she thinks about India and the endless possibilities. 'There is so much that can be done, there are so many talented children living in a world of opportunity, it is of paramount importance to show the next generation how to turn their ideas in to action, how to get access to school, college and university.'

Today Lotus of Hope consists of young professional women from around the globe, joined by a common desire to use their diverse experiences and accomplishments to eradicate poverty by exposing and ending the egregious educational inequalities that exist internationally. Drawing on experience in human rights law, education, health, and finance, we have sought out local organizations that are already working hard to lift their communities out of poverty by improving the lives of mothers and children. However, the demands on these organizations are immense. It is our goal to extend their reach by providing them with essential capital, intellectual, and legal resources. Ana-Marija Nacvalovaite, President and Chair of Lotus of Hope regularly travels to each project site to observe and assist with the good work being done and to make sure that the aid that Lotus provides is being used to its full advantage.


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