Computer Science Graduates should become Net Entrepreneurs: Ajit Balakrishnan


"We need to resolve three paradoxes before we can create ten Indian internet companies as a one billion Dollar company," this was stated by Mr Ajit Balakrishnan Chairman and CEO of at his special address at the 4th India Digital Summit organized by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Mr Balakrishnan mentioned that the three paradoxes are: While globally successful internet companies are set up by computer science graduates, in India most of the internet companies are started by management graduates. While entrepreneur complain less VCs available to them, VCs says no entrepreneurs available to them. Internet Industry's revenue realization is less than 10% of countries which have similar internet user base. Mr Balakrishnan, therefore, appealed the computer graduates to set themselves as an Internet Entrepreneur. Addressing an earlier session of the event, Kit Desai, Strategic Commercial Director Of EMEA / Asia, Adtech suggested that there is a strong need to establish standards and guidelines for reporting outcomes; and bringing in more accountability in order to expand the online media business in India.


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