Diya Dembla, Founder, Skin Kitchen: Skin Esthetics & Bridal Make Up


“Organic SkinKitchen”

Beauty is only skin deep and thus it makes sense that keeping your skin in fine fettle is an integral part of physical beauty. Other than that your skin is actually the largest organ that covers your body and taking good care of it makes perfect sense. Diya Dembla is an entrepreneur who believes in offering the best skincare possible au natural through “Skin Kitchen”.

She explained how she came to be interested in the skin care regime and how she does her part to ensure that her finished product is the best out there. She says “Skin Kitchen is all about making people feel beautiful. It covers a number of beauty treatments for the skin, as well as skin challenges like acne, pigmentation and dis-coloration to name a few. The best part is that skin kitchen- as the name suggests uses only fresh, wholesome ingredients as the line of products. Skin food is cooked fresh, every a.m., according to people’s requirements.”

Diya hopes to be a household name someday known for the quality and pedigree of her creations. She says “Well we hope someday it’s the organic coco chanel. When someone comes to skin kitchen, not only are they happy at the purity of ingredients, or to look beautiful, it has a huge impact on their disposition. They leave feeling great about themselves.”

“We would in time like to have a location where we can open a skin kitchen. This location would not only treat various skin issues- cosmetic and therapeutic, but also cook up skin food customized to people’s requirements.”

She is very satisfied with the way her entrepreneurial journey is going and says “This makes me very happy. Besides, I wanted to share my knowledge about an organic approach to treating skin.”

“So far Skin Kitchen is a service, operating out of someone else’s space. That’s the biggest challenge. We hope to overcome it by opening Skin Kitchen’s own location.”

She believes that whatever happens is always for the best and believes that there is a lesson to be learnt everywhere. “It’s really not a mistake, rather it’s just the way things panned out and that is being a one man show. So you’re the chairman and the chaprasi, that’s pretty much challenging because it actually slows down the rate at which you can grow. However, we had to make do with the resources we had-and I think we’re doing a great job”

“When you do it because you want to and not have to, you’d never want to quit. Every challenge makes you want to find solutions, not give up.” says Diya.

Diya and SkinKitchen have been doing brisk business and she is proud to report that “The number of regulars has quadrupled in a matter of 6 months, thanks to the quality of skin kitchen’s treatments and products.

To the entrepreneurs out there beset with monetary worries Diya advises “Do something you really really like doing. Do it with well- the money will come!”

We wish Diya luck with finding the perfect location for Skin Kitchen and believe that she will be as famous as she wishes with her line of natural beauty products.


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