Dr. Hetal Turakhia, Co-Founder, Beyond Smiles Dental Pvt. Ltd


Placing Indian Dental Treatment on the Global Map

When international tourists plan their annual holidays in Goa and Mumbai, they have one new stop on their itinerary, “Beyond Smiles Dental Clinics”. The venture has been started by young entrepreneur and dental expert Dr. Hetal Turakhia. “Beyond Smiles” has in a very short span built a brand name for itself and has regular patients flocking to it from all parts of the world.

So what is so different about this dental chain and how does it go beyond the smiles that conventional dental treatment promises?

Dr. Hetal answers, “Beyond Smiles goes beyond the conventional dental treatment, set according to the best international standards; the centre has state of the art equipments for all kinds of dental treatment under one roof, from dental surgeries to cosmetic dentistry. What’s more, the clinics have a beautiful ambience unlike a dental clinic, which gives a feeling of relaxation to patients”

We at Yourstory couldn’t’ agree more having firsthand experience of the clinic with experienced reflexologists ready to perform foot reflexology on the patients going for root canal treatments to more complex procedures. They handle everything that one can think of in regards to dental worries.

Dr. Hetal adds, “We are a multi speciality dental chain which provides 360 degree of oral healthcare, services range from - Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry: It involves various aspects of dentistry with a special emphasis on individual teeth and their overall harmony & balance in your smile. It included services like cosmetic contouring, removal of stains, tooth whitening, office bleaching, home bleaching, tooth coloured fillings, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, metal free crowns and bridges, gum reshaping or re-contouring and full mouth rehabilitation.” 

“Endodontic therapy: It is a part of restorative dentistry but is done when a tooth is grossly decayed, fractured, undergone trauma or secondary decaying old fillings where the infection has reached the pulp. It included treatments like root canal treatment, post and core build-up, apicectomy etc...”

“Preventive dentistry: to assist us in helping you maintain a confident smile and efficient chewing function, it is necessary that we see you every six months or at least once a year for a comprehensive cleaning and oral evaluation. With preventive visits, doctors at beyond smiles dental care centre will be able to help you prevent problems before they become painful and expensive to repair. If you work with us, you will have a healthier mouth now and in the future. We maintain a well-organized system that reminds patients of their cleaning and examination requirements.” 

“Periodontal therapy / gum disease treatment or bad breath therapy: It is a therapy consisting of a series of visits to control gum disease.” 

“Prosthetic dentistry: It included treatments like replacement of missing teeth by partial dentures, complete / over dentures, crowns, fixed bridges, dental implants.”

Growing at this rapid pace has not been easy, especially with no funds and backing. The good doctor says,” It might sound slightly philosophical but even while I was pursuing my studies in Mumbai and then New York, I always had this urge to build a world class dental facility across India. From the start I have worked very hard to build what Beyond Smiles is today. While professionals from bigger towns work or open clinics in big cities, I went for the opportunity, I knew that Goa is a huge market where lot of foreigners come for dental treatment during holidays because of the cost effectiveness. This approach of first establishing ourselves in Goa and then moving backwards to Pune and Mumbai worked for us.”

Her commitment to her cause of promoting dental health sees her annually organising dental workshops for underprivileged children and their families. Her dental camps have also been a resounding success with families from all parts of the cities coming for the treatments.

As an Associate Professor at Dr.D.Y.Patil Dental College & Hospital, she ensures that she inculcates similar values, vision and desire to better Indian healthcare in her students.

On one of the key reasons for her success, Hetal says, "the credit goes to the partnership in which I entered before starting the chain,my partner and co founder, Dr. Pankaj Chivte and I share a strong bond based on common values and same goals. With trust and meticulous nurturing Hetal believes partnerships can work successfully.

“I want Beyond Smiles to be a professional enterprise where the best people come to work and consciously strive to make it a professional entity rather than one person driven chain of clinics, says Hetal. With some of the most promising dental practitioners being part of her chain, it’s now set to create a benchmark in its domain.”

Moving ahead Dr. Hetal plans to expand her clinics to all parts of the country and she is working hard to ensure that her vision becomes a reality. We wish her success in her mission of improving Indian healthcare and hope that she spreads smiles and beyond everywhere she goes.


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