Hitesh Dhawan, Founder, Neuronimbus Software Services Pvt. Ltd.


“Offshore Software & Neuronimbus”

Aiming for the stars is an oft quoted way of at least reaching for higher skies. Although the pun may be a bit ancient the philosophy of being ambitious works for entrepreneurs. Hitesh Dhawan in particular is one such person whose ideas are big and beautiful. His entrepreneurial dreams cumulated in Neuronimbus which is a leading web and offshore software development company.

Hitesh told us what his entrepreneurial goals are and what he stands for saying “Neuronimbus the word stands for ‘Collection of the best minds’ which in turn signifies our approach towards investing in the right human capital more than anything else. We believe that the right team with the relevant skills makes the difference for IT services company.”

“Talking about the company – the genesis of Neuronimbus happened from realizing a gap that existed in the web solutions and services space at the time. The gap was of a well rounded and full service company that was not more keen to forge partnerships with their customers rather than either look for just domain and hosting orders or only do run of mill web development projects. There was a need to deliver more, our tag line “Innovation. Simplicity. Quality” underlines this very well.”

“A brief explanation about our motto will serve as a good explanation about our company, so here it goes –

Innovation: We realize that the timeless adage ‘change is the only constant’ holds true and cuts across all forms of businesses. It is the route we have taken to bring value to our customers, by constantly evolving and improving the solutions that we offer be it investing precious time in research and development, newer technologies, enhancing existing solutions through functionality upgrades.”

“Simplicity: In the complex world of technology as people perceive it, the virtue of simplicity determines the effectiveness of any solution or product. It’s the clarity in vision of ‘what the client wants’ and ‘how best can we address the need’ that makes us the preferred technology partners.”

“Quality: We consider our work to be of good quality only when we know that what we made was exactly what the client wanted or even more. The religious following of the first two mantras make it easy for us to deliver quality solutions without making any fuss about the most widely misused word – ‘quality’.”

Hitesh has a large target clientele and confesses that he has no inkling of how many beneficiaries use his applications. He explains why saying “It’s difficult to gauge the number of people who benefit from our services other than the employees that work for the company, the work we do is in most cases for global audiences and cuts across geographical boundaries. However what we can say with some surety is that other than the employees there are few hundred of our clients who have directly benefited from the work we have done for them.”

The concept for Neuronimbus may not be the most unique but Hitesh believes that his venture will stand the test of time. He spoke of what makes them a cut above the rest saying “With respect to differentiators – Ability to move across various business verticals and understand our client’s businesses and provide solutions/applications that are efficient. We don’t jargonize nor to do we lace our words and work with technical banter that only creates hype but doesn’t deliver as per expectations. Our developed competencies in specific core set of web technologies Business Model – The business model is to look at high value and long terms associations that take the shape technology partnerships that constantly provide value to our clients/partners from the work we do.”

Hitesh has the air of an entrepreneur who lives to make something out of nothing and rises each day looking forward to challenges. He explained what drew him to the lifestyle saying “Reasons are many but the one that drives me even today – To be the enabler, creator of something meaningful.”

“The biggest challenge so far was to clinch our first and the biggest outsourcing deal, the hurdles were many e.g. companies bigger than us, more work done and better exposure to that market. Our zealous mindset and sheer passion to work connected with our prospect. A much sincere and practical level showcased the capabilities which were an essential pull of what was required.”

Hitesh feels that partnerships in company management do not work and regards it as a mistake. However he certainly does not regard his decision to go into business. He gleefully told us of their progress saying “The growth trajectory of the company has been good but more importantly it has been sustainable. We currently have associations in US and Australia and our core and registered operations are in New Delhi, India.”

“The biggest achievement has been that we have gone beyond what we thought we could do and delivered solutions that were appreciated by our customers. Other driving factor has been or human capital.”

Hitesh believes in the rejuvenating power of “Newer challenges, to see the hard work take shape into something good that affects the lives of people connected with Neuronimbus.”

For the coming future Hitesh wants Neuronimbus to “Continue to be on the sustained growth trajectory. A Two fold increase in the employee strength driven by increased work volumes.

Hitesh shared his advice and experience dispensing it with the generosity of nearing Yuletide saying “I have the following pointers –

- Your business idea may not be unique but your business proposition should be honest”

- have the resolve to fight for your venture and defend it against personal and professional odds

- Give enough time to yourself and your business – nothing happens overnight

- never only think about the money you wish to make from your venture but also think about the value you and your business stands to offer to people/the social network”

Yourstory wishes Hitesh and Neuronimbus much cheer and fortune for the coming year with all the work that they attempt.


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