Kavita Jhunjhunwala, Founder, Pi Business Research


“Content Rules”

Content is the clinching factor that makes a product stand out. Many would agree that “Content rules” on websites and when it comes to getting unique and novel content “Pi Business Research” is the company to go to. Kavita Jhunjhunwala is the young entrepreneur who has been making her content reign over all others and she spoke to Yourstory explaining what they do and how she came to be an entrepreneur saying “Pi Business Research is a custom content development and online marketing company which offers result-oriented services to customers around the world.

We employ a large team of qualified experts for providing accurate and original content. We provide high value-added KPO services in different fields to leading edge clients worldwide. Pi operates internationally through its offices in USA, UK and India. Our forte lies in using content for both external and internal marketing.”

“Pi Business Research operates globally and has been consistently providing quality, affordable and unique content to users across the world. Our customers span 21 English speaking countries and we have over 250 customers worldwide.”

When the success of your venture depends upon how your content is better than what others have on offer, there are bound to be a few areas where you need to be different. Kavita told us where they break away from the pack stating “At Pi, we differentiate our services by providing high quality content that helps clients sell products and services on the Internet

  • delivering the quality and reliability that is not available from freelancers without a high price tag.
  • providing superior service without any tall claims of rock-bottom prices for excellence
  • assuring clients a long working relationship with regular and timely delivery
  • Keeping in sync with online trends and offering clients real time content, social media management services and consultancy.

Pi's business model revolves around leveraging its base in India to deliver cutting-edge research and content aggregation services in a scalable and cost-effective model. It works on a partnership model by complementing and extending the in-house teams of its customers.”

Kavita has big plans for Pi Business Research and explained how they will develop new areas of expertise saying “Organic growth by new verticals is a common strategy for large businesses, but can also work when you innovate within a small to medium sized business. With Pi working on a range of content, further branches of the tree are Social Media and Legal documentation.”

She explained the need to innovate saying that it “Keeps the organization young, adds the required enthusiasm and gives first generation businesses a chameleon-like quality which helps them tide over rapidly changing economies.”

Kavita has learnt a lot from her previous jobs and chose to express her ambition through entrepreneurship. Her work experience with assorted areas helped her to have an understanding of what a start up would require. “I worked three years as a CA Article where I was team member for audits at Emami, Cal Stock Exchange, and Birla Group. After that, I worked at a small outfit named Encore which was into event management and training for children. Such diverse work experience gave me an opportunity to learn at the job and in 1998 I started working with Siddharth to set up Web Spiders. Accounting knowledge along with grass root level sales and marketing helped get Web Spiders off to a start and Pi Business Research was a replication of the entrepreneurial process.”

“A 9 to 5 job has its own set of advantages but if you have the wish to do something which is totally your brain child, then entrepreneurship comes easy. I still think that a lot of my regular jobs taught be how to be an entrepreneur so I think entrepreneurship choose me rather than the other way round.” says Kavita.

As an entrepreneur she has long since realized that the human factor is what makes or breaks a business. She explains how it is also a thorn in her side at times saying “People management continues to be one of my biggest challenges as they are the nuts and bolts of our business and have very little predictability. Sometimes I feel I am more in the role of HR than an entrepreneur but I tend to overcome issues by relying on ethical thought process and focusing on a bigger picture of growth and sustenance rather than one a one off situation.”

An a novice entrepreneur Kavita learnt that being a wall flower is not a plus point in business, she says “Being too cautious can be a mistake, which I recommend new entrepreneurs to avoid. Having said that, I think ignoring spontaneous thoughts is also a mistake that we are guilty of. After all, you are supposed to have fun while building an organization and being spontaneous and risk-friendly are two important ingredients to make that happen.”

She told us who has been pumping the capital into Pi Business Research and reveals “Web Spiders got funded by one of our clients in 2000 and since then it is a self funded organization. We have an average of two offers to sell every year but have resisted it so far! Pi Business Research has been borne out of the Web Spiders stable and continues to be a business which is self sufficient.” Kavita believes that the fact that they continue to do steady business is what one should be proudest of aside from the recognition from big corporate entities. She says “Being able to create new service lines within the business is one of the things I am happy about doing as that shows that we have the ability to identify a trend, create a service and then find customers for it. We have been nominated by HSBC for the Living Business Awards 2009 for CSR recently.” She believes that the future for her company lies in “The ability to realize trends and service clients. Having seen three bubble bursts in the IT sector, I believe that the industry grows with each shake-up. The idea is to be with the tide, recognize a trend, and then hold on to it...till next time. Vision for the next five years? Cleaner air, more professionalism in the Indian sector and fulfilling work.” We asked her if she had any learning experiences that she would like to pass on to her peers and she replied “Lots. Take issues as opportunities to grow your abilities. Hope for challenging customers as they spur you to grow and write to me if you need to discuss specific issues especially during the start up period.” Yourstory wishes Kavita many years of inspiration and innovation with Pi Business Research. We believe she has much success to gain and hope to see her achieve her fullest potential.


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