Maninder Singh Sethi, Founder, Excelsior Public Relations


“Marketing In-Depth”

When the art of communication is honed with the sharp edge of Entrepreneurial competence, only good things may follow. Marketing is the voice of a product or a service and the more convincing the voice the better for the product. Maninder Singh Sethi possesses not just the voice but also the entrepreneurial competence to convince consumers with his brand of in depth marketing embodied in Excelsior Public Relation. Excelsior is an Event Management cum Marketing Communication Company born out of Maninder’s aspirations.Maninder filled us in on Excelsior and its marketing capabilities saying “A pioneer in communication industry of Punjab, Excelsior Public Relations has gained high-quality repute in its short access episode till now. Started as a General Marketing Company in ludhiana in year 2002, Excelsior Public Relations specializes in Event Management across North India. We have a massive range of “Through the Line” advertising which involves conventional methods than the usual specific channels of advertising to promote products, services and also includes activities such as direct mail, public relations and sales promotions. We provide a complete range of integrated marketing and public relations services including research, strategic planning, creative development, media planning and placement, literature design and production, event planning and management across Northern India.”

“The best in the region, which believes in delivering the best and is backed by a strong desire to create something that breaks stereotyped notions. We treat brands as an extension to Excelsior’s team, and people are particularly important because, in the customer’s eyes, they are generally inseparable from the total service. This creates a bond of reliability and faith between the brand and the consumer. This raises Excelsior beyond the typical commercial market and enables us to touch peoples’ heart.”Maninder is secure in the knowledge that marketing will always have a purpose and spoke on its evolving nature saying “We are a marketing communication company and marketing is an ongoing process. Whatever may come in the way, marketing would never stop, patterns may change, and hence we see wider scope for our organization. Clients, Associates and General Public every wing of masses and classes are benefited from marketing communications.”

He attributes their success to factors that make them stand apart and lists them as “In-depth knowledge about this market, Mindset of people, in-depth research and flexibility of planning as per social changes.”

Maninder was always a free spirit and saw entrepreneurship as an opportunity to fulfill his life’s dream without any shackles. He says “My desire to soar heights in the sky as a free bird made me an entrepreneur. I never wanted to stick to the so called guidelines of so called Management.”

His dedication to outdoing and improving their present abilities is a battle that Maninder will never stop fighting. He says “Every year we are achieving something bigger than the previous achievement and that is the biggest achievement.”

“Our work is gives us extreme satisfaction which is the biggest award we give to ourselves. Self recognition is most important target and not the numbers game for us. We believe in self recognition and do not run after what others say about us. However, yes we are known for our quality work in the region.”

Maninder has an eye on the future and announces his future aims saying “By 2011 our brand Wedding Asia would be the number one lifestyle exhibition.”

His passage through the rites of entrepreneurship will surely gain him the success that he seeks. Yourstory hopes to see Maninder fulfill all his ambitions for the future.


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