My Baby Excels Brings Iconic Toy Brand Meccano to India


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Monday, December 28, 2009 -- (Business Wire India) -- The legendary 'Nut and Bolts' toy brand, Meccano has entered into an agreement with My Baby Excels for India. Meccano is a model construction system comprising re-usable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. It enables the building of working models and mechanical devices. My Baby Excels is a premium toy label, representing international best sellers like Leap Frog, Disney Plush and WowWee in India.

Says M.N Kapasi, Managing Director, My Baby Excels, "We are pleased to partner with Meccano and forward their cause in India. India is a hot bed of engineering talent and we look forward to leverage the demand here. Moreover, the brand enjoys a cult status among enthusiasts in India. We will be focusing on widening the reach and base of the product line".

Established in 1901 by entrepreneur Frank Hornby, a clerk from Liverpool, England, who invented and patented a new toy called "Mechanics Made Easy" that was based on the principles of mechanical engineering. As the construction kits gained in popularity they soon became known as Meccano and went on sale across the world. In September 1907, Hornby registered the Meccano trade mark, and in May 1908, he formed Meccano Ltd. Today, over a hundred years since its inception, there are thousands of Meccano enthusiasts worldwide, many clubs and hundreds of websites covering Meccano history, model building instructions and nostalgia. Individuals and companies worldwide still manufacture parts, some long out of production. There are annual Meccano exhibitions around the world, notably in France (at a different venue around May each year) and at Skegness in England (around July every year). Many notable shows also take place in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand each year to name a few.

Traditionally Meccano caters to children above 5 years and extends to young adults. In 2006, Meccano with a view of increasing its target base introduced a pre-school range called Kids Play for children from 2 years onwards. In addition to this, Meccano will also be launching the extensive product line including the construction range, tuning range, multi model range among others.

The products are priced from Rs. 599 onwards and are available at all leading stores across the country.