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For all those who say we are e stressed and e exhausted, weekend planning and preparation online will soon be a fun filled experience. A brand new website for your weekend planning, daily plans, event updates,hot news and discounts comes in a hot new package. Rather then reading mundane content,interact with your new buddies online, NHITO & NHITEE.

NHITO & NHITEE welcomes you at their new website called nhit.in (New Happenings in town)The site is one day old and promises to keep you entertained while informing as it moves along. Started by Hanish Pherwani, the site excudes the same energy as this young entrepreneur.

Hanish says, “ I wanted to bring fresh content and give Mumbaikars to begin with a new infotainment. I am sure like many of my friends readers will slowly get to love my site spokespersons - NHITO & NHITEEWhile nhitee's friends get

updates on city & weekend planner newsletter

tea time with nhitee gives you jokes

gives you updates on not to miss workshops in mumbai

nhiti's tempatation - its realy tempting

nhito's friends getnhito asks for some money to become friends, well also because he saves your money

nhito's coffee club - meet.share.connect in an exclusive environment

nhito's discounts - based on nhitee's weekend offers nhito's friends get discounts on those offers (sometimes they work together)

Will Nihto and Nihtee rule your heart, that time will only tell but this holiday season you definitely have a new fun site to check out.


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