Small Business


Personal trainer: If you are fitness-minded and know your way around a gym, you can start your own business as a personal trainer, visiting clients in their homes. You would need a professional license to do so. Not everybody has the time or is willing to take the effort to come to a gym.

Yoga instructor: If you are acquainted with the ancient fitness technique of yoga, just like a personal trainer, you can visit clients at their homes or offices and teach them. You would need a professional certification in order to teach.

Tutoring: With both the parents working in almost all families, most students end up going for tuitions. You can start a business tutoring students in their homes, or even at your home. It could be generic (for smaller classes) or specific (for higher classes) depending on your educational qualification and teaching capability. The tutoring can also be done online.

Medical and legal transcription: If you have the necessary transcription skills and the equipment, you can work from your home for a variety of different companies. There are also transcription training courses one can take to develop the skills.

Web design: If you have the knack to design quality Web sites, consider doing it professionally. Because of the dearth of quality designers and the demand of the industry, good Web designers are always in demand.

Senior care services: Even though the number of old age homes rises everyday in the country, there are still quite a few number of senior citizens who want to stay in their own homes. This means big opportunity for nonmedical home care providers, who can help seniors with tasks of daily living.

Catering or personal chef: If your friends are always praising your culinary skills and you know your way around a kitchen, you could consider starting your own catering or personal chef business. Professional catering would require a commercial license.

Event planner: If you always had a penchant for organizing events and have the determination and patience to deal with people, you can consider becoming an event planner.

Personal shopper or shopping assistant: If you love to shop and have an eye for fashion, you can offer your services to people who are too busy to shop for themselves or need help in selecting the right attire.

Concierge (Personal Assistant) service: If you have a lot of energy, great organization skills, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks, consider providing a personal concierge service to busy businesspeople or upscale clients.

Custom jewelry creation: If you have the skill required to work with jewelry and have a good eye for fashion, you can create your own custom design jewelry. You can sell it online or at your own shop or at a bigger jeweler’s shop.

Mobile pet grooming: If you personally love animals, with more and more people owning pets, you could offer consumers convenience by equipping a van and visiting clients at their homes to bathe and groom their pets.

Child-care services: If you always felt you were good with children, you could turn this quality of yours into a home-based day-care center. These days with both parents working, this type of business has wider scope.

Online auction selling: If you like garage sales, resell shops, or flea markets, chances are that you would love online auction sites. It can be done at any time, place, or on any day of the week. It is not necessary you have to sell the items in your house alone, you could also help sell your friends or neighbours items for some commission. You could sell anything from baby clothing and accessories to high-end jewelry and even vehicles.

Wedding consultant: As weddings become more elaborate and lavish, wedding consultants are becoming more in demand. If you have good organizational skills, time and people management skills and a strong arsenal of vendor relationships such as florists, caterers etc., this would be the right career choice for you.

Dance instructor: If you are a trained dancer, or have a lot of dance experience, you can start your own dance instruction service. You could give private lessons at the client’s home or you could open your own dance academy.

Freelance photographer: If you are more than useful with a camera and have an eye for photography, you could start your own home based photography business. You could specialize in weddings, family portraits etc or even work for magazines.

EZine or eNewsletter publisher: Many businesses, social organizations don’t have the time or resources to publish newsletters themselves due to lack of time or resources. A newsletter can be useful to businesses by providing them with an inexpensive way to promote their offerings. The newsletter could be in print or electronic.

Internet researcher: If you have a knack for finding information and know your way around the internet, you can offer your own internet research services. With the internet becoming the preferred source of companies for getting the information they need, there is plenty of opportunities in this area.

Resume writer: If you are skilled at writing powerful resumes, then you can start a resume writing service from home, it could be online or offline. Job hunters today need more powerful resumes than ever before. It does not necessarily have to stop with the resume, you could include covering letters, help job seekers compile their work experience etc.

Handicrafts or arts business: Were you always interested in art rather than science, well if you are good at it then why not make a career out of it? You could sell your creations online or through a store.

Seminar educator: If you think you have enough knowledge on a subject, then why not give classes/seminars about them. The more well versed you are, the more you make.

Antiques and collectibles dealer: If you have a keen eye for antiques and have good bargaining skills, then the antiques business is your calling. You could sell your merchandise online or through a shop.

Business broker: If you have decent understanding of the prevalent business laws and are a good negotiator, then consider a career in business brokering. You would have to market the appeal of the seller’s business and maximize their exposure to serious buyers.

Personal organizer: If you think you are an organized and structured person and can help others organize (de-clutter) their belongings, then you could offer your services to people in dire need. You could also diversify into space planning to help people maximize their house or office space

Personal coach: If you are a confident and optimistic person and are willing to help others to become confident, then becoming a personal coach is your thing. You basically help people with low confidence or other issues to help themselves so there are some karma points to be earned here.

Background checking: With the increased number of fake certificates and general fraud, companies require people to carry out background checks on the people they hire. You could also extend this to pre-matrimony checks.

Virtual call center: People prefer to talk to a ‘live’ person. Small businesses can be targeted to provide a virtual call center service because customer service is a priority for any business. It can be started with just one or two people as long as you clearly define the level of service you are offering.

Translator or foreign language coach: If you are fluent in another language, then why not offer your services to businesses. With global trade growing every day and companies interacting with every corner of the world, your linguistic skills could be an asset. Good communication is the key to success for any business. You could also coach business executives.

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